So i just got knifed through my riot shield...

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  3. So i just got knifed through my riot shield...

User Info: Cheko2015

4 years ago#1
So I decided to try using the riot shield to find out if its worth using as a main class set up. Run up on some guy and hit him once but as I was going to him to hit him, he was going to me to knife me. Common sense and good game programming would dictate he would hear a ding noise as his puny knife glances across my strong shield followed by me hitting him one more time to his death.

What happens instead, his knife clips through my shield and kills me... Yup Im done. Never touching the riot shield again. If ppl can knife you through it, its worthless. Your better off trying to knife them without the shield... Bravo treyarch...
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User Info: fallenKlNG

4 years ago#2
Whenever I see a shield user, I actually try and knife them, and it works like 50% of the time. I'm not afraid to miss because for some reason the bash keeps missing and I can easily outrun a shield user and shoot them from the side. I think if you look downward as you knife them, it'll go through the shield. lol

I've been on the receiving end of this as well. I've tried using the shield, and it's just plain terrible. I'll run up to people trying to bash them, and it won't do a damn thing. I'll bash them literally 10 times and it does absolutely no damage. I don't know if it's lag or if I need to hold the button down longer or what, but all I know is that I'll never go back to that weapon again. The enemy will never get bashed, they can outrun me if I try to bash them and they'll shoot me from the side. Also, they can knife through the shield... pretty much everything I described above. You may as well run up to the enemy with the shield and knife them instead of going for shield bashes.
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User Info: Haahahaha

4 years ago#3
If you were smart you wouldnt touch this game again. Not trying to be rude but the BS will not end. Seriously
"Who cares if you are good at black ops 2, it's a bruised game anyways!"

User Info: Spork1111

4 years ago#4
Just wait until you try to go for gold with the shield. I cannot tell you how much BS I had to deal with: Being knifed through my shield, bashing people 10 times without them getting hit, being shot through my shield.
At least I never have to do it again. Plus, I love the gold shield with my emblem. It makes people rage so hard.
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User Info: dario1101

4 years ago#5
I run with a Tac-45 and with a Knife as my secondary. Anytime I see a shield user I just switch to the knife and then just knife them. It kills the 90% of the time.
Shield sucks, Even when it's on yoiur back it doesn't protect you very well :'(
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User Info: trakrunr4evr

4 years ago#6
If it's one thing I've learned from this game, it's to watch the kill cam, wait a while, let out a sigh and say "k"
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User Info: BrownGotti

4 years ago#7
You got knifed because you were most likely crouched with the shield. I find that when I am not crouched, I tend not to get knifed, but then I get shot in the foot.

User Info: DividerByZero

4 years ago#8
Happened in every game the shield has been in. Off-host shielding is a death trap. - Newest Review: Borderlands 2
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