POLL: Most OP weapon of the series?

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User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#61
DebugVirus posted...
Based on pure statistics, the Pre-Patch (hell the post patch as well) BO1 Famas is better than EVERY other gun in ANY CoD game. Stopping Power taken into account for the games it was in as well.

As I mentioned in the OP, you shouldn't be comparing guns to other guns in different games. Whether something is OP or not depends solely on the other guns in its respective game that it would be used against.

For this reason, I really don't think the FAMAS was that bad. IIRC, the AUG literally had the exact same stats but with a slightly different recoil pattern. Also, the Galil and Ak74u w/ Rapid Fire were extremely good as well. I thought all three of those guns could easily compete with the FAMAS.
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User Info: grundies

4 years ago#62
Has to be the 1887's, they were absolutely ridiculous
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User Info: POWERSLAVE_815

4 years ago#63
Pre patch models, mw2 spas and mp40
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