Poll: Should the Olympia be a DLC weapon?

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  3. Poll: Should the Olympia be a DLC weapon?

User Info: Vrresto

4 years ago#11
Only if it's free.

User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#12
Nah give me the Galil instead... :)
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User Info: bbert901

4 years ago#13
No i'd rather have a semi auto or full auto shotgun
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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#14
If had unaltered stats from BO, it would be pretty OP. With Steady Aim (Laser Sight in this game) it was amazingly powerful from the hip for a long range, and rather consistent too (if it did get a hitmarker, well, it has the second shot for that). Plus it has that long 2HK range too.

Laser, Fast "Mags" and people would whine a lot more then they whine about the R870.

If they dumb it down for this game, by nerfing its range or accuracy, what's the point of even including it? An Olympia worse than the original isn't what we want.
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User Info: Akiba69

4 years ago#15
I wouldn't mind. But i still want an updated Kar98K.
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  3. Poll: Should the Olympia be a DLC weapon?

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