Special Ops or Zombies

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User Info: iBlackice25

4 years ago#1
Which is more fun and/ or better? - Results (69 votes)
Special Ops
14.49% (10 votes)
85.51% (59 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Personally, i think zombies is more fun, plus its more developed than special ops. Whats your opinion?
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User Info: ArcXenos

4 years ago#2
I personally like Spec Ops.....

.......don't flame me for my opinion, but I really do think zombies are really boring, ever since in WAW.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#3
Zombies all the way. When Spec Ops was first introduced in MW2 (well, CoD4 with Miles High Club), I was never really interested in that game mode but I tried it. The only things I really enjoyed Spec Ops was Survival Mode in MW3 (and I haven't tried Chaos mode since I don't have the 3rd collection for MW3) but I still preferred Zombies over Survival Mode.
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User Info: Donuts_R_Good

4 years ago#4
Zombies, although I do think Spec Ops is really fun as well.
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User Info: ingo4

4 years ago#5
I prefer Zombies over Spec Ops, but the zombies game mode has had more time to put out content. That being said, Spec Ops was really fun. I'd imagine the next reiteration is going to be awesome.
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