So what makes you rage?

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User Info: mattl4555

4 years ago#31
Connection interrupted in zombies particularly because I like to stay on the bus and fight them and playing in Yemen.

User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#32
Getting Knifed when I get a good streak going. I don't mean getting knifed in the back but the ones where they are running straight at you and you unload on them but they lunge right through everything.
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User Info: kushahilic

4 years ago#33
this game.

User Info: Stormthorn

4 years ago#34
ZenzokukenX posted...
Target finder.... EVERYONE who uses it CAMPS.

Seriously. Every time I have ever been killed by TF I have watched the kill cam and guess what? It' is ALWAYS a guy just standing/laying/crouching and aiming down a hallway or at a door.

It is a true sign of a truly crappy player.

I admire your courage. It takes guts to admit your at the skill level to regularly get killed by people who are "crappy" at a game.
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  3. So what makes you rage?

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