I still feel like they should nerf the target finder

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  3. I still feel like they should nerf the target finder

User Info: achimed

4 years ago#11
ragefan187 posted...
bbert901 posted...
i think it's fine i feel quite gimped by the zoom and the edges around the screen
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User Info: mkshifteuphoria

4 years ago#12
IMO the loss of peripheral vision and cold blooded make it balanced. Maybe not 100% balanced, but I don't think it's quite as OP as people say it is either.

I usually only use it with the FAL (where it truly shines), and usually only on maps like Carrier or Turbine. Plus, with semi-autos its important to land as many hits as possible so it's very useful in that regard.

User Info: davidthedawg639

4 years ago#13
It should get rid of the minimap.

User Info: ningtang

4 years ago#14
BS_Infinite posted...
They don't need to do a lot. They should just lower the recenter speed or something. TF just makes a bunch of the sights seems pointless on long range guns

This isn't coming from a place of hate btw. I occasionally use target finder on my mk I just think it makes other sights a waste since there's ALMOST no downside to TF.

I don't like target finder 'cuz it encourages camping. It's like auto-aim assist (as if auto-aim wasn't enough). Making the field of view smaller would be my nerf of choice. Target finders would still be able to camp choke points and not capture objectives or move. They would just be slightly more vulnerable.

User Info: BS_Infinite

4 years ago#15
davidthedawg639 posted...
It should get rid of the minimap.

This is also a good solution. I don't think bad players use their mini map though

User Info: CuteButtShy

4 years ago#16
Nooooo don't nerf my baby!
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User Info: gameflak

4 years ago#17
Nah, they should just remove it entirely. It's so cheap, it's not even funny.
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User Info: ZephyrSSX

4 years ago#18
Grow up and stop crying over a stupid attachment that makes no difference.
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User Info: Majora1988

4 years ago#19
The attachment isn't that bad, but what it does do is cater to people who ads at doorways or headglitch down corridors. Thus it is bad and you should feel bad for using it.
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User Info: Arcanine2009

4 years ago#20
IDK about other nerfs, but my main concern is that it doesn't get countered by CB, like its supposed to. So at the very least, make CB completely immune to TF.
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  3. I still feel like they should nerf the target finder

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