C/D: This game really needs a mode where you only play people of your prestige

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User Info: darkhouse999

4 years ago#11
From: Silver17 | #010
coldisgood posted...
Prestige =\=skill. Thanks try again later.

^ That.

Somebody could be a PM and also the biggest kill feeder in the room too.

I've seen it happen plenty of times...


And they tried that in Black Ops 1 with a Prestige Playlist that basically no one went to. The people that are "good" want to always look good by playing against bad players. Just the way CoD is.
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User Info: Spinalsniper

4 years ago#12
adeel posted...
HHH is the game. Play Combat Training.

Play that until you get really familiar with flank routes and being able to predict where the enemy is.

Face buster - Suplex - Pedigree.
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User Info: Ninja_Aver

4 years ago#13
A tip for the OP - try preaiming more. Especially useful when going around corners or when looking out a doorway/whatever where you expect lots of people. Works wonders in this game

User Info: CarbonFibre

4 years ago#14
How is your internet connection?

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#15
Didn't they have a "prestige playlist" in Blops 1 or MW3? From what I recall nobody played in it.
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User Info: HydraRaptor

4 years ago#16
In all honesty, if you were set to play people of your prestige only, it would lead to a lot of exploitative dirtbags reseting their stats to play the bad players. What you really want to do is get more knowledge of the game and how things work. Try watching some YouTube videos from Drift0r, XboxAhoy, and Tmartn to learn a little more about the weapon's you're using and the maps you're roaming on.

This game has a very small skill line, and, in perfect honesty, comes down mostly to positioning and map awareness. Don't get me wrong, gunskill plays a hefty part when in a multi-man confrontation, but usually, one on one fights are won not by the better but the smarter. Always try to fight your enemy on your terms, and you will win 90% of the time.

Learn the guns, learn the maps, and learn the spawns, most importantly. A commonly overseen concept of Call of Duty by less aware players, spawns change dependent on your team's position on the map. However, BO2 seems to only flip when there are two or more from one team in the empty enemy spawn zone. This leads to awkward spawns often, but can also lead to advantageous positioning and free kills. Be aware of when the spawns flip, and you've instantly got an advantage over half the people playing this game.

Best of luck, mate, and remember, it's just a game.
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User Info: Aether_Lyric

4 years ago#17
It seems like you're playing too many objective game modes, play stuff like TDM and Kill Confirmed until you feel a bit more comfortable. Generally objective game modes, especially Demolition/Headquarters are full of parties that go for high kill games.

Also what class setups are you using? Sensitivity?

User Info: arghhhh

4 years ago#18
Because if they had decent matchmaking then the board would be full of complaints from 'good' players moaning about having to try too hard due to them being matched against players of similar 'skill'.

Remember this board when the game first came out, some of the 'good' players b***hing about the SBMM...that s**t was ******* funny.

They must have relaxed the SBMM now as there isn't as much whinging, lol.
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User Info: HHH is the game

HHH is the game
4 years ago#19
Im using default sensitivity

Right now I'm using the Type-25 with stock and fast mag, my secondary is the second launcher (Which IMO more people should bring, because destroying UAVs is so easy but nobody ever does it)

Perk 1 is hardline, perk 2 is scavenger, perk 3 is engineer. Then I have bouncing betty for lethal grenade and two EMP grenades for tactical.

Once I get Type-25 golden I'll switch it to something else (Its just been taking me hours upon hours to get the bloodthirsties for gold....I played for like four hours without getting one yesterday)
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User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#20
what you want is a ranked playlist. so good players play good players and crap players play crap players. i feel your pain. i hate playing people who have better unlocks just because they have played longer. give it time and youll get better. when i started this game my k/d was .4 after a few days of playing its now over 1. helps that ive played the same few maps over and over.
gt darren reefnugs
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