New DLC leaked already smh.

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User Info: CinderDragon77

4 years ago#51
GreatKiraLord posted...
deoxxys posted...
Do we REALLY need another sniper? whats it going to do thats unique? Id much rather have a new Shotgun or LMG


Why...there's only 3 real shotguns and they all suck due to the criers calling the only good one OP and getting it nerfed and the other 2 are just utter crap(I mean a 4-round burst with terribad damage/range, wth were they thinking?)
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User Info: 2006_

4 years ago#52

just like this one±

User Info: Solarity

4 years ago#53
Charlie Intel thinks its fake because they expect "more original names"

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User Info: dueric

4 years ago#54
People are going to get so confused at the callouts while playing "Plane".
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4 years ago#55
Mobile? Plane? Water? These are not map names, they`re too simple and not Treyarch`s style, I think that is fake.
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User Info: Tehshankers1234

4 years ago#56
That looks fake as hell. Maps called "Water" "Plane" and "Dead High"?! Dead High looks like they took the background from the Die Rise section of the poster and added a hand.
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User Info: NightDrifter05

4 years ago#57
I can't help but laugh at people calling fake based off map names. Either you guy's have NEVER played Call Of Duty before or you've never really thought about how stupid most of the name's actually are.

User Info: devilschain30

4 years ago#58
Well I'm happy Monster Hunter is coming out in a month
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User Info: torey_caylor

4 years ago#59
Charlie intel confirmed it's fake. Apart from dumb names, the posters have photoshopped Ghost Recon soldiers

User Info: deoxxys

4 years ago#60
devilschain30 posted...
Well I'm happy Monster Hunter is coming out in a month

OMIGOD me too
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