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User Info: gundamalex

4 years ago#1
I usually play this and Halo 4,but of course I'm more a fan of Black Ops 2,just cause that's where my friends and the "cool people" as it where are at,...

I recently just moved back to Texas and the cable internet company I had doesn't exist where I'm at now.

So I had to switch to cheap 'ole At&t U-verse DSL!

Now for why I'm here,I'm warning everyone I can DO NOT EVER! GO WITH AT&T U-VERSE!

I had my nat open 2 days after getting it last week for only 2 days and now I'm set and stuck with moderate. I can't seem to fix or solve it.. When it was open it was at best a 3 bar it has been a complete nightmare and lag city for me.

I've tried calling At&t and I've been hung up on,and can't seem to get any help from there and I've watched what few recent videos there where on youtube only to seem to just be effing screwed.

anyone else with At&t complaints feel free to post them here...otherwise if some odd soul out there thinks they can help me,by all means please...meanwhile my next moves are to just suffer through it and post this on the Halo 4 board as well..

Currently playing-Black Ops 2

User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#2
I've never had an open NAT in all of my time playing CoD.

User Info: Nriepw

4 years ago#3
I literally switched off of ATT 3 hours ago.
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