What are you guys hoping for, in the next gametuning patch?

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  3. What are you guys hoping for, in the next gametuning patch?

User Info: elchris79

4 years ago#41
SkilzMC posted...
elchris79 posted...
SkilzMC posted...
elchris79 posted...
supercoolisaac posted...
if i use cold blooded against target finders i literally want to be invisible to them. As in, i could stand 3 feet directly in front of them and they'd have no idea i was there.

Do it vahn. Do it now.

Bit drastic??? I'd prefer reduced site window, or no map.

You are a pretty literal guy arent'ya there?

Yes, I want equal rights for parrots, and free anal probes for all non aliens. I don't get your point? Do you have one? That isn't attached to an anal probe I mean.

You seem like that weird kid in high school that was always making jokes that only he gets. Awkward silence must follow you everywhere you go, don't do open mics.

Really? You seem like that guy who doesn't understand much. At all. Also, The general Internet rule is he who talks s*** most talks it inwardly.

Oh, but wait, wanna be a clever guy? Explain what you meant by your original post.

User Info: SkilzMC

4 years ago#42
I don't understand much? You couldn't comprehend the obvious joke of making cold blooded users COMPLETELY invisible to the TF.

I refuse to explain my original post seeing as I'm the guy who doesn't understand much... you OBVIOUSLY understand it already.
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User Info: parkourboybryan

4 years ago#43
TC, I agree with you on the SVU-AS, but I have my own little list.

SVU-AS: OSK to Head and Neck unsilenced, and Head when silenced.
Vector: Give Recoil Pattern of BLOPS Spectre/Mac 11 to make it like its description says.
Foregrip: Offer 10% in Centerspeed increase instead of 2%.
M1216 and S12 (Not necessary, but welcome): Increase minimum damage from 6 to 8 for a Damage profile of 25/30-8 (200/240-64)
Tac-45: Increase Fire Rate cap to 700.
Hard Wired: Offer Killstreak and Equipment immunity to EMP and EMP Grenades.
Ex. Con: Halve Sprint Recovery Time (Dream would be unlimited sprint, but that won't happen)
All Shotguns: Have Adjustable Stock increase strafe speed to from 80% to 93% instead of 88%.
Ballista: Offer .25 ADS Speed with Iron Sight.
Rapid Fire: Offer only 25% Range reduction instead of 60%.
Dexterity: Increase recovery speed on knife attacks by 25%, for Standard and Ballistic Knife.

MSMC: Give moderate recoil like BLOPS MP5K, and Reduce 3HK range by 1 meter.
PDW-57: Reduce 3HK Range by 2 Meters.
FAL OSW: Reduce select fire 2HK range from 16 Meters to 8 Meters.
SIG556: Make Select fire a 5HK after 40 Meters.
Target Finder: No HUD while ADS and minus 5% Center Speed.

WHOO that's a big list, but nothing that I think wouldn't help the game. I feel that these being included will make balance perfect across all weapon and perk classes.
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User Info: ronXwhite

4 years ago#44
Arcanine2009 posted...
ZephyrSSX posted...

You literally think that the beep and crap helps noobs.

Yeah, yeah I do. And in a good players hands, its very annoying.

Fact is that it has no real counter. CB was supposed to counter it completely, like it does with MMS and Dual Band, but it doesn't.

Doesn't completely counter MMS. Pro Teams have done extensive testing and you can definitely see an outline (although more faint, its still there) of the guy through the wall.
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  3. What are you guys hoping for, in the next gametuning patch?

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