Stopping Power and Juggernaut should come back next COD.

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  3. Stopping Power and Juggernaut should come back next COD.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#21
Only with MW2's netcode. Pick 10 could only stay if every perk category had lots of good perks and ran with MW2's idea of basically everything being insane yet mostly balanced (outside of OMA and Commando) AND if we actually had a good variety of map sizes again. It would have to be very insane perks, but divided up in such a way you couldn't get full benefits from what the tier offered. Like if the tier specialized in the best protection stuff, you couldn't absorb bullets and explosives like a sponge AND kill faster or avoid the UAV.

Perk Tier 1: Stopping Power, Juggernaut (bullets only), Toughness, Ghost (blocks UAV when moving, a bit more generous than BO2 + no red name), Flak Jacket (with resetting grenade fuses), Blind Eye (AI Air Support can't target you, + 50% faster lock on speed + Immunity to Recon)

Perk Tier 2: Fast Hands (Faster ADS + Faster Equipment Usage + Weapon Swapping + Remove stuck Semtex with button input), Cold Blooded (No red diamonds + immunity to thermal + AI Ground Support can't target you), Scavenger (BO2 style), Recon (Just a different colour UAV dot instead of MW3's style/lasts a slightly shorter amount of time + Full MW3 Marksman perk), Hardline (BO2 style + Immunity to CUAVs + your equipment takes x2 as long to hack/2 EMP grenades to destroy), Tac Mask (BO2 style + EMP immunity)

Perk 3: Lightweight (+7% movement speed + no fall damage + 50% faster mantling), Steady Aim (MW3 style), Extreme Conditioning (3x sprint along with 50% faster sprint recharge rate), Dead Silence (Character says nothing + all other sounds reduced, beats Sit Rep), Sit Rep (glowing equipment +33% noise amplification assuming IW sound levels), Stalker (MW3 style), Hacker (claim enemy equipment as your own, booby trap any CPs you steal, able to hack sentry guns and the like and turn them into your own)

If we're bringing back Stopping Power and Juggernaut, you need to go all out with the perks. No watered down perks like in BO2, go full out with their power.
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User Info: GameMaster14GM

4 years ago#22
lag comp needs to come back to MW4 too.

beautiful full HD graphix, 60fps, destructible environments, best killstreaks ever

and all packed with the WORST lag comp after mw3.

User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#23
Lerp85 posted...
Alexanaxela posted...
everything doesn't need to have a hard counter

Everything needs some kind of counter. You already freaking kill in two to four shots, so one to three shots would be ridiculous if not countered. There needs to be balance.

so i guess we should introduce a perk that makes everyone move slower to balance out lightweight too? There's a difference between a counter and a hard-counter i.e. something that exists solely to cancel something else out
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User Info: CalvinCandie

4 years ago#24
All the perks we'll ever need, without wasting some stupid attachment slot! Bring back pro perks and game mode specific challenges for some.

Tier 1/Pro

Flak Jacket/Toss back/Tactical Mask
Ex Con/Dexterity
Scavenger/Extra mags
Blind Eye/Faster lock-on
Recon/Bullets tag enemies

Tier 2/Pro

Stopping Power/Quickdraw
Hardline/2 assists equal 1 kill
Danger Close/1 extra lethal/Fireproof
Assassin/No name/No teammates spawn out of your butt

Tier 3/Pro

Sleight of Hand/Fast Hands
Steady Aim/Stalker
Ninja/No Falling Damage
Engineer/Hacker Pro/Delay equipment
Marksman/Longer breath/Impact
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