Which Cod had the worst shotguns?

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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#41
World at War followed by this one.

World at War had the:
- Trench Gun, a very weak, limited range, pump action shotgun, but at least had a bayonet attachment and it could slice off limbs with the bayonet since shotguns, PTRS-41, MG42 and M1919 could dismember.
- Double Barrel, a slightly stronger, but even shorter range shotgun with useless attachments. The grip took up a perk and really didn't do anything useful for it, and the sawed-off reduced the pitiful range for a completely insignificant damage buff.

Black Ops 2 has the:
- R870 MCS, an okay shotgun that performs similarly to the W1200 from MW1 (which had the 3rd worst shotguns in the series), and this is somehow considered the 'best' shotgun in this game.
- S12, an extremely weak and short range gun that struggles to get OHKs, even on HC. It's semi-auto with an okay fire rate, but it's still gimped since it almost always takes 2+ shots to kill, where a FAL can do that easily without the gimped range. Alone it's worse than either WaW shotgun.
- KSG, an actually pretty awesome gun made only poor by this game's horrible latency issues. It has the, or close to the longest range of any shotgun in the series, with the possible exception of the Trench Gun from earlier CoDs and the pre-nerf 1887, akimbo or non. It does take some skill to use well though.
- M1216, garbage, complete garbage. It almost never kills in a single hit and chews through its low ammo count like crazy. It's even worse than the S12.

User Info: Kwizxx

4 years ago#42
People saying bo1 were probably using SoH on the Olympia.
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