Any tips for a combat knife class?

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  3. Any tips for a combat knife class?

User Info: Asakura_Rei

4 years ago#1
Looking to get it gold as it's the last one I need out of the special weapons.

Just need some ideas on what to use for perks, tacticals and wildcards.

User Info: scrilla_o

4 years ago#2
Tac insert
Perk1 greed
Perk3 greed

And 2 points for whatever else.
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User Info: nath999

4 years ago#3
Cold Blooded
Extreme Conditioning + Dead Silence

Then you have 3 points to use how you feel. I go with tact grenades.
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User Info: DirrtyRockstarr

4 years ago#4
Fast Hands/Scavenger, to get back your tactical.
Extreme Condition and either Dexterity or Engineer.

And either a stun nade or a shock charge.

What I normally run though is the same as above, but get rid of scavenger and equip an assault shield to keep your back covered. And equip it to close the gap with someone, then suddenly swap to your knife and gut them.
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User Info: Jonnywestside

4 years ago#5
Stun Grenades+Scavenger+Tactical Mask. Then its up to you, if people are using tac mask just ragequit.

User Info: ollie229

4 years ago#6
When I was working towards getting mine gold, I had two classes. The first class was:

B23R (No Attachments)
Perk 1: Lightweight
Perk 2: Scavenger + Fast Hands
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning + Tactical Mask
Equipment: Shock Charges x2
Wildcards: Perk 2 Greed, Perk 3 Greed

The second was basically the same except I ran with a PDW with laser sight instead of the B23R and one of the shock charges.

My advice is this: Don't just run around with your knife out hoping to chain knife kills together. This rarely happens and you will rage. A lot. Just run with your weapon of choice out and try to flank the enemy. Once you get behind them, close on them and switch to your knife for the backstab. This was the most effective tactic I found while going for gold.

Also, whatever you you, do NOT look at your k/d while going for this. It will make you want to punch babies and kittens.
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  3. Any tips for a combat knife class?

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