Are there any call of duty players that have been player for years but still...

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User Info: Rapaleeman

4 years ago#31
I'm awful at this game and pretty much every Call of Duty mainly because I just don't care.

Sure if I try I can and have done well but in reality I just don't care enough to play that way all the time. I play when I get home from work and outside of playing with a few friends who are ultra competitive, everyone else I play with just likes to screw around and that works for me.

Using stupid classes and setups is just really funny to me and helps relieve the stress of "life". That's what video games are to me and while I like to play well at times, thanks to the awful connections and just bad lag in the most recent years, stressing over any stat in a game that is so connection based is just dumb. Games are for fun first and while I get people define the word fun in multiple ways for me it is just screwing around doing dumb stuff.
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User Info: Fightthepower13

4 years ago#32
I was pretty good at MW2 with my famas class, and black ops 2 with my Ak 47 class, but my mk48 class in black ops 2 not so much. The class itself is fine, but black ops 2 is just way more frustrating than the other 2. Mostly because of map design, but I can honestly say I've been getting worse at each cod as it comes out. No idea why
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User Info: Lannekir

4 years ago#33
I'm not gonna say I'm an amazing player or anything, but when I first started playing CoD, never would I have guessed that I'd get to the level that I am now. Low confidence I guess lol.
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User Info: ace68128

4 years ago#34
dueric posted...
Dude, I've gotten waaaaaaaaaay better over the years and have amassed fairly respectable stats. Yet, I still consider myself average at best.

There are thousands of people out there who, if all things were equal, would steamroll me every single time without even having to try all that hard.

exact same here. couldnt have put it better myself actually.
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User Info: Brostache

4 years ago#35
Getting better is in the eye of the beholder imo.

For me gettin better isnt my score but how much of the match i spend trying to pad my score vs having fun.

Having fun for me is just running out in the open trying to shoot everyone with laser beam precision and faster reflexes while rushing full speed ahead (Not good for the KDR)

Padding my score is moving from cover to cover slower and more methodically (Good for the KDR)

I try to stay positive in the KDR department so as not to drag my team down. So me getting better means i get to spend more time having fun and less time padding my score during a match.... and in that regard, i definitely feel like im getting better. Even though my stats hover around the same or even a tad lower than when i first started playing (this is my first cod game).

Ultimately if i ever get good enough to just full on rush, ignoring cover for the entire match, every match... then my stats will let me know if im actually getting better.... but that will probably never happen as this game is incredibly cover based.

User Info: Winter_is_comin

4 years ago#36
I'm signing this. I've played since WaW and yet I'm still bad. True in some I'm better than others but in no way have I gotten leaps and bounds better. Though I don't care so long as I can play a game with some of my friends: I'm one of the few people that doesn't care bout w/l or kdr.
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User Info: Brighattalon

4 years ago#37
I've gotten better over the years with each CoD. In Modern Warfare, I only had a crummy .65 KDR.
In Black Ops 2, I have the highest KDR I have ever had with a 1.13 KDR. I know it's far from putting me in the top tier, but I am glad to know that I am still improving and haven't peaked like so many of my friends have.
I still have fun playing, usually with friends. I do like that that I can see my stats improve.
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User Info: metalclash

4 years ago#38
one of the most infuriating things is running past a random corner and getting shot in the back
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User Info: Choleric_Llama

4 years ago#39
hear_ye posted...
"Maybe its just due to my limited reflexes or precision"

It's about understanding where the enemy will spawn, it's more about Sun Tzu than Rambo if you follow me.

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate"
Sun Tzu

You're welcome

That quote doesn't relate to what you said.
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#40
I have gotten a little better with each one, but for the most part I have been above average with each (goes for any FPS really).
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