11/11/13 who's ready?

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User Info: fizzle2222

4 years ago#1


User Info: FunKeeJ

4 years ago#2
As long as it's not 3arc and hopefully the "new" IW team has gotten better.
But with the PS4 / xbox720 coming out...I most likely will not buy the next COD.
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User Info: Majora1988

4 years ago#3
Sledgehammer is absolutely terrible. No buy for me, especially with BF4 coming out.
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#4
I'm ready to find out if they figured out how to do netcode before I even consider purchasing their game.
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User Info: BuddyHudsy

4 years ago#5
This game will most likely be available on 360, where I intend to play it if it is. Everyone should know by now not to buy a new console right away. Lets them get the inevitable bugs out first before you feed their pockets
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User Info: xMr_Polyx

4 years ago#6
Short answer, nope.

Long answer, still nope.
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User Info: thebest99

4 years ago#7
I'll pick it up since I'm a druggie
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User Info: XT3M3

4 years ago#8
*sees neversoft logo*


this should get interesting
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User Info: Shura_Surplice

4 years ago#9
My body is ready

User Info: Best_PK_In_AC

4 years ago#10
as long as it isn't treyarch and the knife isnt completely nerfed then yea probably

if they bring back Commando in some form it's an instant pre-order for me
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