Are you COD playersactually hardcore or midcore gamers gamers?

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  3. Are you COD playersactually hardcore or midcore gamers gamers?

User Info: kratospwnsnoobz

4 years ago#1
COD has been bashed by the hardcore and midcore comunity due to been just basically the equivanets of expansions being sold like full new games

You are visiting a hardcore-midcore gamming site, but are still playing this game how will you think of yourself? casual, softcore, midcore or hardcore?
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User Info: Brighattalon

4 years ago#2
I don't know... I just play video games to pass the time...
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User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#3
It would be better if the price for the DLC would actually decrease in price when newer COD games came out.
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User Info: natedude0903

4 years ago#4
GT: l DatAss l (those are L's)


4 years ago#5
i thought this was a game, not porn?

User Info: Dezcore

4 years ago#6
I'm probably softcore! Been playing video games 30yrs now and my time is limited.

I play to relax from time to time. Although I don't play close to the number of games that I used to. CoD gets most of the playtime as I can pick it up for 20/30 mins and get a couple games going while playing the other types im into, you really need a good hour or 2 to immerse into the gameworld.

User Info: Chantzanator

4 years ago#7
Why are you making up words?
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User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#8
I can do a 1080 pop-skeet-no-clip-bangarang-dolphin-dive-out-a-window-whirly-bird across the map with a shotgun.

-> Me
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#9
It all depends on what people consider Hardcore I guess. I play games a lot and have done so for a long time so I would consider myself pretty hardcore into games. But then you have people that take it way beyond the games themselves buy buying games just to have them sealed or buying collectables and what not, I'm definitely not a hardcore gamer in that sense.
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User Info: wufei8706

4 years ago#10
Games I'm playing: BO2, Skyrim, Pokemon White 2, Castle Crashers, Mega Man 2 and 10, Paper Mario...
Hardcore I guess.
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  3. Are you COD playersactually hardcore or midcore gamers gamers?

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