Describe your playstyle in exactly 3 words.

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  3. Describe your playstyle in exactly 3 words.

User Info: Lerthyr

4 years ago#11
Super Brag Lerthyr.
GT: Lerthyr
"Lerth, watching you play SnD is like watching Mozart paint a picture. It's absolutely beautiful." -supercoolisaac

User Info: Newzz

4 years ago#12
"Speed And Aggression"

User Info: 5h07gun

4 years ago#13
Watch and learn
Nazi Zombies - Elder Scrolls - Pokemon - Minecraft - Diablo

User Info: Crono exe

Crono exe
4 years ago#14
Take down airstuffs. Or alternatively: rush with shotgun.

Love making people rage with shotguns, but I admit I rage a lot if I do say so myself.
Con ganas de engrasar la macana. Quien no?

User Info: rep_HC

4 years ago#15
I'm a gansta

User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#16
get s*** on
The bears can smell the menstruation

User Info: donsparks

4 years ago#17
Kill Them All

User Info: DirrtyRockstarr

4 years ago#18
Complain about team.
It doesn't make me unfaithful, unless I'm laying down the cable...

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#19
I'm the best.
"It's like people using the internet have never heard of the internet." - SadHillShowdown Gamefaqs member

User Info: BS_Infinite

4 years ago#20
I never move
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  3. Describe your playstyle in exactly 3 words.

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