Why do people honestly play this game knowing games like Battlefield 3 exist

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  3. Why do people honestly play this game knowing games like Battlefield 3 exist

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#31
Have you played bf3 lately?

User Info: Giglioroninom

4 years ago#32
slaveanselmo posted...
xMessiahbolical posted...
Why do people who enjoy playing Battlefield 3 so much constantly feel the need to take precious time out of their day (time that they could be spending playing their beloved BF3) to go out of their way and go onto Call Of Duty boards to ask people why they play it, as if it truly matters to them? Seems pretty contradictory to me. Like... if you were enjoying BF3 that much, wouldn't you be playing it rather than wasting your time talking to us? Why do you BF3 fanboys give so much of a s*** if we play COD or not? Get over it.

You BF3 fanboys remind me of Christians in a way. Not understanding/accepting of people of different beliefs/interests than you, always trying to convert them to your belief to the point where it get's obnoxious/annoying.

Didn't you just take precious time you could have spent playing PS3 to make a thread about how much better the PS3 is than the 360?

HAHA S*** just got reaaaaaal.

User Info: Made_of_fail

4 years ago#33
xbox heug maps with only 32 people lel

Get real. PC version is the only BF3 worth mentioning.
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User Info: mullet_ride

4 years ago#34
BF3 sucks

User Info: ZephyrSSX

4 years ago#35
Because I'm so good at BF3 (and BF in general) that it got insanely boring.

Literally like 85% of my games MVP, MVP, MVP. I need a break before BF4.

User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#36
Game play is too slow for my taste. My time with bf,3 was mainly spent looking for people on huge maps and after dying or killing them spending another couple min looking for someone else to kill.

I'm sure it is probably better on PC with more people in the game but the console version was boring to me.
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#37
Because I got sick of crashing the helicopter every game.

Actually that part was kinda fun. :)
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User Info: iBlackice25

4 years ago#38
Why do hardcore Battlefield fans raid the cod boards if there is a separate board for battlefield games?
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  3. Why do people honestly play this game knowing games like Battlefield 3 exist

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