Allegedly good weapons that you suck with

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User Info: doitwildly

4 years ago#11
PDW MSMC those because i stay away from them i see them in enough kill cams to use myself
R870 KSG
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User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#12
Anything thats not the dsr or ballista.
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User Info: Gunther482

4 years ago#13
Basically all of the snipers.

User Info: PidgeonPeasant

4 years ago#14
M8A1. I can't count the number of times I stopped firing at my opponent before they died because I figured they should be dead. I just can't get the feel of this thing as much as I want to.

User Info: Nyangasm

4 years ago#15
MSMC, 870, and I think that's it.
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User Info: Rizzman111

4 years ago#16
An 94! I'm terrible with it

User Info: GandalfTehGray

4 years ago#17
Mp7, I hate the sights on it and don't wanna waste a attachment on a sight.
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User Info: Mr_Cumberdale

4 years ago#18
I only have 1 gun with >15 kills that is under 2 KDR and that is the Peacekeeper. :(

User Info: SullyTheStrange

4 years ago#19
The Five-seven. I just HATE one-handed pistols (seriously, why the hell would a trained soldier do that if he has two available hands) and that distracts me so I fail with it.
All's fair in love and war, kid.

User Info: CheBob55

4 years ago#20
MSMC. I wouldn't say I sucked with it, but after hearing good things I was expecting it to be "PDW good". It's one of the few guns that has regularly caused me rage by not killing after 6 or 7 hitmarkers. I tried rapid fire on it for a few games and it felt even worse for some reason.

Onto the Chicom now, and that feels a bit guff too, but I don't think that's a highly regarded gun by most people anyway. It feels powerful enough, and the burst fire is fine, but I just don't like the way it handles for some reason.
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  3. Allegedly good weapons that you suck with

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