Diamond pistols?

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User Info: SoProTheyGoWoah

4 years ago#1
Hey all... just have a few questions about diamond camo pistols. Do any of you guys have them? How long did it take you to get them diamond? I just started my grind recently, used the executioner first, and got about fifty headshots over about 200 kills, so I'm progressing nicely.

Also, have you seen any diamond pistols in game? I have only seen one, a diamond KAP-40, and I made sure to send the player a message congratulating him/her.

I guess I'm wondering... is it worth the grind? I really like the pistols but I want diamond badly, and I'm thinking that finishing my shotgun camo challenges might be easier and faster. Let me know your thoughts if you so desire.

User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#2
The value is completely subjective. I think the Diamond camo really doesn't look that great but you get XP. But now I'm a PM that doesn't matter. You get calling cards which are nice.. It's really up to the individual.
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User Info: Rapaleeman

4 years ago#3
I have them. To be honest they aren't that hard to get. Unlike most people, I actually found the Executioner to be the easiest to get gold. The Tac45 was the hardest for as headshots didn't seem to want to register. It kept killing dudes too fast.

The only "hard" thing is the 150 no perks/no attachments and that is just because it is a boring grind. Not hard to be honest but if the other challenges are proving difficult just do hardcore KC and never stop moving. You will get the bloodthirsty medals pretty quickly.

Revenge medals may take a little time though but a tac insert helps with those. Just pop a tac around a corner you know a dude is camping and purposely die. The respawn and give him the bullet technology.

I originally wanted diamond only for the Executioner as it is a dumb weapon and the hate mail I have received has been pretty funny. The kill cams I'm sure are hilarious. With that, dual wield Kap40s are the akimbo Skorpians from BlOps1 and are amazing. Dual Wield B23Rs are also pretty great. Don't dual wield the Executioners as they are a worse version of the HS10s.
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User Info: Gunther482

4 years ago#4
I'd say HC is your friend for headshots/kills with no perks/attachments. Otherwise if HC doesn't float your boat play FFA as there is constant action that takes place regularly within your pistol's effective range.

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