What is considered a good Chicom class?

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User Info: thelightness

4 years ago#11
Smallville_Fan posted...
snicklecuck posted...
A good chicom class is one that uses the PDW instead.

And good advice is posts that don't make sarcastic remarks like this.

Oh Snap!

If you're going for diamond SMGs, I would recommend a holo sight for clear headshots (slightly enhanced zoom means the head's bigger, and it decreases recoil ever so slightly). I find no real need for any other attachment.

Then I would recommend lightweight, toughness/fast hands, dex/engy, and concussion or flash. 2/3 perk greed.

User Info: Overd0s

4 years ago#12
To be able to appreciate my class you must understand that the Chicom can be trigger spammed like a semi auto. If you do this you can clear your magazine super fast and you're guaranteed a bunch of headshots if you aim for center mass as the recoil goes straight up.

But here is my class:

Long Barrel
Extended Mags

I like the long barrel b/c it adds more versatility to my gun and gives me a better chance at mid to long ranges. I only use FMJ out of fear of head glitchers, if you need a sight or something I say take off FMJ but the iron sights are great. Extended Mags may seem dumb b/c fast mags are usually better but in this case you're better off with extended Mags b/c if you shoot like me, you can clear your mag in a flash, it basically goes from killing 3 people in a mag to killing 4. Plus the reload time is already fast so the fast mags reload doesn't feel like it makes that big of an impact imo.


Ghost or Flak Jacket depending on whether or not I'm playing TDM or SnD/Hardpoint
Bouncing Betty, these are great just to toss around and get a free kill sometime while you're playing lol
EMP 2x, good to spam if you're running around
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4 years ago#13
Chicom is a headshot machine. I hated it at first until I got rid of the dang laser and threw the RDS on.

Go with RDS/FM and if you are one who prefers SF throw that on too.

Toughness/Dexterity are a mus imo.

Then whatever else you want.
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User Info: RedRaven80

4 years ago#14
I only used the gun for a short time and I liked it with stock, that's it.
Quoth The Raven Nevermore
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  3. What is considered a good Chicom class?

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