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User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#41
Boneytony posted...
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
I love MW2 and there's nothing you can do about it. SnD was amazing in that game only idiots got killed by tubers

no, only idiots re buy a inferior game. But hey, knock yourself out. Enjoy playing MW 2 lol

I like how because he stated that SnD in the game was amazing, you surmised that he was going to repurchase the game. Like, wow.

MW2 was awesome. I'll take that awesome net code where my bullets make contact over this lag compensation-ridden garbage.
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User Info: MegaTape13

4 years ago#42
Nriepw posted...
The point is that MW2 was the best for a while before the tubes ran rampant.

You mean when Akimbo 1887s, Javelindom, Care Package knifing, and Care Package glitching ran rampant?
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#43
It took them a week to patch the Javelindom glitch.

It is ridiculous how some kids claim it is the best FPS. Some people here even argued the explosives in that game were balanced. I just add them to my ignore list and get on with my life.
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User Info: Landonio

4 years ago#44
This man speaks the truth.

It had some good aspects such as:
-Fun weapons with decent balance
-Good maps
-Good campaign
-Good netcode and overall smooth gameplay

But the negatives outweigh the positives, and overall it was probably the worst, n00biest, and most broken CoD ever.
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4 years ago#45
I thought MW2 was unplayable. Nothing but GL, mad camping, mile away knifing, and an airstrike in the air every 30 seconds. Game is a mess. I thought most the maps were average at best. And it was very skippy at times.
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User Info: bigbug1992

4 years ago#46
gio3472 posted...
Cod4>MW2> BO> MW3> WaW> BO2.........Socom 2 for PS2 best console shooter ftw

Any list that puts WaW below MW3 is just plain wrong.
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User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#47
bigbug1992 posted...
gio3472 posted...
Cod4>MW2> BO> MW3> WaW> BO2.........Socom 2 for PS2 best console shooter ftw

Any list that puts WaW below MW3 is just plain wrong.

Mw3 is the worst cod dude.
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User Info: lunaticcore

4 years ago#48
Last time I tried to play MW2 it was filled with nothing but constant quick scopers.

All I remember is the constant BS when I played it. Noob tubes, Knife Running, Jav glitchers, Care package runners, Akimbo 1887's, and of course the hacked lobbies. Sure they fixed a lot of these problems, but by the time the first map pack dropped I was done.

User Info: GODx_x666

4 years ago#49
IMO Black ops2 is amazing with a Bunch of friends but alone it is brutal.

MW2 is alot more fun alone,I think the HUGE maps of MW2 make it feel better when playing alone. If you took the maps from Blkops2 you could fit 2 Blkops2 maps in 1 MW2 map.

Its just the size of the maps IMO that makes MW2 the better game.Being able to sprint everywhere is great in MW2 but god i love Blkops2.

BlackOps2 :)
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