MW3 and this could have been good

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User Info: RandomTramp

4 years ago#21
Vrresto posted...
I agree. The maps are the cause of many of the problems in MW3 an BO2. Bad spawns are caused by the small maps. Headglitching spots and windows overlook open areas everywhere, both conveniently located overlooking spawns.

The maps involve too many narrow corridors with no escapes so there is no outmaneuvering anyone, you just shoot first or die (which consequently makes connection a huge issue). That also necessitates the use of Ghost because people can easily predict where you're going to pop out if they see you on the map. In CoD4 or Black Ops map, it was harder to predict the enemy so being seen on the radar wasn't a big deal.

They really need to be more open. Not big, just open. I really want the game to be about who has better aim and ability to navigate through the map, not who shoots first around a corner.

And unlike many here, I actually like Carrier, because it's open. Maybe I'm just claustrophobic.

I think that's quite insightful analysis. Couldn't agree more, even though I don't share your liking for Carrier.

User Info: CalvinCandie

4 years ago#22
From: destructoclaus | #020
Objective games are playable in this game solo. It's tougher than other games in the series but its perfectly doable.

Your SBMM must suck. Playing solo in this game is a nightmare and friggen disgrace.

User Info: Keyblade9000

4 years ago#23
MW3 is the worst IW COD, but it's still better than anything Trollarch can crap out every other year.
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User Info: Krazyknux

4 years ago#24
imo MW3 was the best, but I believe everyone would agree with that if they:

-got rid of portable radars
-nerfed sitrep pro (should not cancel out dead silence imo)
-take away death streaks
-make stealth bomber an assault streak (8 kills maybe? I dunno)
-fixed lag compensation (which BO2 has just as bad if not worse)

I think the spawns in this game are way worse than MW3, and while the maps are much more aesthetically pleasing, they don't play near as well as MW3's maps (Terminal not included). There seem to be too many pre-made headglitches and windows that make it hard to get from place to place.

I still enjoy both the games, but I certainly think there are obvious improvements to be made.
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