I dont think i can play anymore

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User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#51
duddddeeeeee16 posted...
I feel like TC and the other guy are like an old married couple.

Stop being immature, please. The line between "rushing" and "flanking" is so damn thin in this game that it's not even worth mentioning. And that's coming from someone who mastered "flanking" in the past two games. Sure, I try my best to flank in this one, but the result turns into rushing more often than not with the sightlines in this game. It's fun as hell, but my gosh is flanking hard.

Long story short: You two need to shut up and get over things. He has a valid reason for not sharing his gamertag. You have an equally valid reason for wanting to see his. Life's too short to get all riled up over this.

Rushing can be flanking..... depending on whether or not the map is small enough, and the area you are rushing to connects to a path that takes you behind them.
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  3. I dont think i can play anymore

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