Best way to get Ballista bloodthirsties?

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  3. Best way to get Ballista bloodthirsties?

User Info: blackweasel30

4 years ago#1
It's my last sniper I need gold to get diamond snipers. I need 7 more bloodthirsties and I have been stuck on this gun forever. I'm going to try my tried and true Nuketown method with an acog scope but are there any other methods you guys have found that works? Hit markers come too often which always poses a problem. Any classes/mode ideas are much appreciated.
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User Info: Jonnywestside

4 years ago#2
Hardscope. Aim high.

User Info: DoNotPassGoPSMO

4 years ago#3
Hardcore usually* means that a hit is a hit.

Also, make your class good for survival. The longer your alive, the more chances you have.
Assuming you still want an acog.

Ballista (Acog)
Pistol (which one is preference)

Dexterity / Tac Mask

Shock charge x2

Perk Greed 3


Use your charges to detect anyone coming behind you after setting up shop, per say. Hardline will let you get your UAV a kill earlier which is vital in Hardcore. Try to avoid your pistol (since we want Ballista kills) but when needed it's there. Scav lets you keep charges up, and honestly you really don't need any other Perk 2.

If you want, as well... trade 2 of either the ACOG/Pistol/Scav and take Perk Greed 1 with Lightweight or Flak
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User Info: blackweasel30

4 years ago#4
Would ghost also be good for hc? Or is flak good (if its hc grenades wont kill you with flak?)
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User Info: EvanW1109

4 years ago#5
I had issues doing this with the SVU so I played Hardcore KC. Find yourself a nice hole to hide up in, lay your shocks down, and camp out. Once you get your bloodthirsty, go get yourself killed and repeat.

Honestly, your ability to survive is more important than your ability to kill. I'd honestly go with Blind Eye if you aren't going HC, dying from a hunter killer at 4 kills is awful.

Also, if you have issues with using a pistol too much, take it off the class.

I also used the ACOG, but that weapon is quite different than the Ballista.

User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#6
Spawn trap demolition.
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User Info: Mr_Schickadance

4 years ago#7
Bonus Chaos Moshpit. Try to get Nuketwon. Camp and relocate. Worked for me!

User Info: bbert901

4 years ago#8
I used this class in Core TDM:

Ballistics CPU
Perk 1 Greed
Perk 3 Greed
Flak Jacket
Tactical Mask

You could swap FMJ for a naked pistol, or Perk 1 Greed and Ghost for a pistol and attachment, but I just like having the one gun when I go for bloodthirsties so I get all my kills with it. This is a good defensive class to stay alive. Hang back and watch the radar so you are aware of the spawns.


4 years ago#9
Overflow red brick balcony overlooking A flag. You can look down the alley and over toward B. Throw some equipment down the brick path to cover yourself.

Raid is a good one. If you spawn bball court side hang around the pool area and be sneaky. Cover your backside with equipment. If you spawn Garage go right and hang around the bedroom area. again lay some crap to protect your backside.

Drone is my bloodthirsty money map. Go up to either of the Large window rooms that look across at each other. Set up equipment and keep an eye out the window looking across to the other window, down at the doorway, and down at the head glitch barrels.

Use UAV always and have the Kap40 as backup if you are getting closed in on.
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User Info: Tube_of_Noob

4 years ago#10
The easiest method for kills is Ground War. Especially for sniping because you can be out of the fray and there will always be straglers.
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