150 kills with no perks is stupid.

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  3. 150 kills with no perks is stupid.

User Info: CaffeineSnorter

4 years ago#31
From: FaithInAll | #029
CaffeineSnorter posted...
From: spacecowboy44 | #024
god forbid a challenge may be actually...challenging...

Tedious is not challenging. Should have just kept the headshots thing or maybe a SPM or K/D with the gun to have the camo. You lose the camo if you fall below the necessary K/D.

This sounds terrible lmao Treyarch would clearly hire this guy.

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User Info: GorillaNDaMist

4 years ago#32
Nyangasm posted...
It's the only challenge in this game that gets on my nerves.

If you dont like the challenge dont do it.
Kim :)

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#33
Thats like 5 matches, deal with it

User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#34
I find it annoying because I don't really see what it achieves. It's not particularly skillful in any way. Even if you are terrible, you will eventually get 150 kills. It's not really a challenge.

I also find it annoying that you have to get nothing but headshots for the first lot of challenges (for most weapons). Just doesn't seem very imaginative. They could switch it up a bit, have double kills, triple kills, long shots etc. earlier on.
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User Info: Rapaleeman

4 years ago#35
phillyeagles123 posted...
Baddie can't get kills without perks?

It's not that a person can or can not get kills without perks it is just that it is a dumb challenges on some of the weapons. Not so bad for the primaries but 150 kills with no perks/no attachments for the pistols is just dumb.

Getting these kills is a matter of time and overall perseverence. Anyone can do them no matter the skill. With that said, even though they aren't that difficult, it still doesn't make it any less stupid not to mention less fun.
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User Info: allaboutjosh14

4 years ago#36
Just play like 5 or 6 matches of nuketown.
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User Info: bigbug1992

4 years ago#37
Longshots with sniper rifles are the worst.

The maps are so small there are only 4 spots on 3 different maps to get them from.
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4 years ago#38
You're playing BLOPS II and calling an easy challenge stupid???????

Seriously! There is a lot of stupid in this game, but that challenge is easy.

User Info: Nyangasm

4 years ago#39
From: GorillaNDaMist | Posted: 3/11/2013 12:36:56 AM | #032
Nyangasm posted...
It's the only challenge in this game that gets on my nerves.

If you dont like the challenge dont do it.

i cant get gold guns without doing it u knob
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User Info: beerhammer1

4 years ago#40
I found it annoying for maybe the first two matches then I didn't even notice anymore.
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