Will BO2 be your last CoD game?

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User Info: yedi

4 years ago#11
The last CoD game I purchased was MW2. BO1 was a gift, I strait up refused to have anything to do with MW3, and BO2 was a gift. Personally, if DICE didn't sell off 99% of the BF3 servers, essentally wrecking any chance of getting a good game in BF3 without waiting in queue for one of the few remaining good rooms, I would have traded in BO2, no questions asked. It had some good ideas, but Treyarch didn't think making the shooting of dudes while playing online actually work was much of a priority over gutting features and customization options in favor of hosing their customer base out of more money. It's pretty clear where the series focus is(has been for a while but having skipped MW3 entirely BO2 was a real eye opener after the legitimate fun I'd yad with BO1...) and it's only gonna get worse from here...

So yes, unless they pull a complete 180 I can pretty safely say that this will be my last CoD.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#12
No. But I am going to skip Infinity Ward's CoD games. And since the next CoD game is being developed by Neversoft (and Sledgehammer Games), I will be looking forward to that one too since Neversoft is one of my favorite game developers but I won't pre-order it since I don't know what they will have in store for CoD10.

So, I will just be getting Treyarch's CoD games and perhaps Neversoft's upcoming CoD game.
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User Info: fueled-system

4 years ago#13
Yeah, I am slowly growing more and more annoyed and have not really had as much fun since Black Ops 2 and MW2.

If they bring back a decent map set and stop with the nonsense streaks I would be more happy

User Info: DeathChaos25

4 years ago#14
Probably , this game is horrible and has so many issues, but it's still fun to play IF you play with your irl friends. But the again, this IS my first CoD game, so that might be what's swaying my opinion about this series, even though I've heard quite a lot about how apparently these games keep getting horrible and more horrible with each release...
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User Info: Scarfacepsycho

4 years ago#15
So it has taken you 4 games to finally consider not playing CoD anymore even though the series started getting old to you with World at War?

User Info: EvelSaiyan

4 years ago#16
Probably will be my last one for a while. On top of it getting stale, you dump a lot of time into them that could be spent on other games.
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User Info: Agent101c

4 years ago#17
No, because as much as I may hate whatever they do with it, it's still the only non-EA shooter with enough players playing it to be fun. Other than Halo, that is. I feel like I'm underwater when I play Halo... not saying it's bad, it's just not my cup o' tea.

And I refuse to buy any EA product. Ever since they ate my favorite company, Bioware, and began awarding on-disc Dragon Age / Mass Effect content to lucky winners of purchasers of select bottles of Doctor Pepper, I swore a Blood Oath against them. I'm pretty angry about it, I should watch my blood pressure.

However if I find that the next game has the same lag issues as MW3 and this one at launch I will likely wait to purchase it until the "lag fix" patch comes out and essentially ends what is effectively an open multiplayer beta phase.
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User Info: The_Hitman_UK

4 years ago#18
People say it will be there last... you will buy it this year and so will I ;/
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User Info: BraindeadRacr

4 years ago#19
I'm not certain it'll be the last but God knows I had a hell of a lot more fun in MW2 and the community seems to have gone from pretty bad to crack den...

Every time I play now it's a risk for either some incredibly pissed off dude, some kid who has yet to grasp the idea of shutting the hell up or having my rep(what the hell is this even good for nowadays? D:) tank cause I played... well.

Aside from the community, the gameplay is running rather old after so long. Piggybacking on new kill streaks with every game seem to have ran its course and Treyarch's idea of map design is very much baseline CQC or nothing with the odd ones out that people end up hating.

I never played MW3 for more than 2 rounds online so I can't really say how good or bad that one was, though.
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User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#20
Victory is my destiny.
GT: Noitrez
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