Will BO2 be your last CoD game?

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User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#21
TheRealJayveezy posted...
Yeah probably. Between these micro transactions, which I think is dumb not because they have them but because they are asking for more money when their game has so many flaws that the majority of the community agrees exist, on top of horrible support(seriously how many months did it take to fix the local game glitch where people lost levels and other things for no reason), along with all of the racist, foul mouth 10 year olds(including adults who act like 10 year olds), and I'm sure I can go on but I will stop.

I'm pretty fed up with this series, and I am hoping that destiny turns out good(probably not since activision is the publisher, idk what bungie was thinking). I will probably continue to play this game sparingly, but unless a new CoD is gifted to me I will most likely not be playing any new CoDs that come out.

Of course this is my opinion and how I feel about the situation. Figured I'd say that before someone wants to start an argument with me because my opinion isn't the same as theirs.

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User Info: TheRealJayveezy

4 years ago#22
^Yup! Screw'em!!!! To hell with CoD! They think the can deny me a decent crossbow and get away with it. I'll show them.
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User Info: Weiland101

4 years ago#23
Nearly everyone in this thread will buy the next COD.

User Info: xMr_Polyx

4 years ago#24
The only CoD I ever bought was MW2, and I got this one as a gift. I already realized that the quality of the series was going to hell by then, so I have zero interest in any new CoDs that would be released from here on out.
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User Info: NeedMoreMoney

4 years ago#25
Weiland101 posted...
Nearly everyone in this thread will buy the next COD.

F***ing Tsunderes right?

"I-I-It's not I like you or anything!" *hugs BO2*

User Info: CashDudeHomie

4 years ago#26
Last one definitely. Black Ops 1 was great. How Treyarch messed this one up so bad, idk.
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User Info: lunaticcore

4 years ago#27
WAW and COD3 were the only ones I didn't really like.

Bo2 is the one I have played, enjoyed, and spent the most money on.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#28
Nope, I am going to keep buying CoD as long as it interests me.
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User Info: Moegitto

4 years ago#29
Just got tired of the series, looking forward to what the next generation will offer and if activision will take advantage of that. Not buying a "next gen" COD that uses another form of the IW engine or P2P for multiplayer.
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User Info: LeQuack147

4 years ago#30
Yep. I was fairly certain MW3 would be my last one, but things like the pick 10 system made me think Treyarch might be able to keep the series fresh. To their credit, campaign is decent, and they were smart enough to bring AI enemies in split-screen back. Too bad the lag comp is badly implemented, the maps are DESIGNED for headglitching, and short range weapons are good enough on most of the areas I'd been fighting in, so there's no point to experimenting with other guns. Was a fun run while it lasted, but oh well.
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