Will BO2 be your last CoD game?

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  3. Will BO2 be your last CoD game?

User Info: GreatKiraLord

4 years ago#31
Most likely.
It's not just because MW3 and BO2 sucked.
It's also because the new gen consoles are coming out and I don't have much expectations for them to improve anything from what they already have for COD.

User Info: Snickleseed

4 years ago#32
This will most definitely be my last CoD unless the next one reinvents the wheel somehow. But that isn't likely to happen. The core gameplay is very dated at this point and it shows.
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User Info: thedeerzord

4 years ago#33
I will probably buy Treyarch's Cod's for zombies and Campaign. I can't stand Cods multiplayer in general. I just hate it and most of the maps as well.

In my opinion I think its kinda sad that most of y'all are leaving the franchise. Call of Duty is a good franchise in general.
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User Info: giveupisdying

4 years ago#34
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  3. Will BO2 be your last CoD game?

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