Micro-transactions are not the end of the world.

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User Info: SpankyMagoo

4 years ago#21
Yeah its a crap shoot, either they will continue using micro-transactions to separate rubes from their cash for cosmetic only things. On the other hand the Peacekeeper smg could be a sign of things to come. They could start withholding weapons, perks, or any number of things for "premium members". Its a coin flip either way, hopefully its not profitable enough for Activision to pursue the latter.
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User Info: HitokiriFelix

4 years ago#22
TJ_UNLIMITED posted...
HitokiriFelix posted...
Agent101c posted...
*Undeserved entitlement*

Oh, you own the game? So then, why aren't you getting royalties every time someone buys a copy?
If you don't think something is worth your money, don't buy it. If you're not sure what it's worth to you, you do have the right as a consumer to research it and inform yourself. No one can take that right away.

This DLC entitlement stuff is seriously outrageous. Look at a similar scenario anywhere else in consumerism and you won't find such entitlement. Anyway, do you have any idea how costly DLC labor is? e.g., the team behind Skullgirls needed to raise at least, what $150k just to add one character into their game? Even in games like BO2 where the coding is prepared for DLC ahead of time, the amount of labor that goes into it is nothing meager. This isn't just going straight to the pockets of shareholders. People have families to feed.

I own a car, so why am I not getting royalties every time that car is sold?

Stupid logic is stupid.

Also, spoken like a true CoD/Infinity Treyivision sheep.

What do you mean stupid logic? Clearly you don't get my point, because you used an analogy that bolsters my point. Just buying a physical product doesn't give you any ownership of anything beyond that product, which is my point when I mention royalties, which imply ownership of a patented idea. Agent101c seemed to think that because he bought a CD in a case that he was somehow entitled to everything that CD represents--that is wrong.

Lol, I'm not a sheep. If I don't want something I don't buy it. For instance, I loved ME1 and 2 even though I never bought DLC for either. I watched the internet response and reviews of ME3 and though they were mostly positive, I didn't like what the devs did with ME3 in regards to its ending and content, so I never bought it at all. I didn't feel like it was going to be as valuable as the effort I put into earning 60 dollars.

Also, I love how you're the actual sheep--instead of making an actual argument for the cause you blindly follow, you just defer to ad hominem.
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User Info: HydraRaptor

4 years ago#23
Why do so many gamers, especially gamers around my age (late 20's, early 30's, or pretending to be such), seem to have this entitlement philosophy over DLC? It's bonus content in most cases, such as these camos and the maps packs. I will admit, content being sold as DLC that is fully workable on the disc really bugs me, but none of these camos, none of the custom class slots, none of the flags, and none of the maps were on the disc, not even Nuketown, which is now being given away FOR FREE by Activision to every CoD player.

Bonus content, expansion packs, and digital distribution go back as far as the Atari 2600's GameLine service, Sonic and Knuckles for the Sega Genesis, and a number of PC games of the early and mid 80's. These sorts of things are merely catching on more now that online interactions in gaming have become mainstream.

tl;dr - Stopped acting like you deserve bonus content for free and act your age, unless your age makes you act like you deserve bonus content for free, in which case, come back to the argument when you're a little older.
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User Info: RedYoshi27

4 years ago#24
I'm not a fan of micro transactions because I saw what it did to another game. If anyone's heard of MapleStory an MMO, you'd know that the cash shop started out purely aesthetic paying under a dollar for alternate clothes to customize you're character. As it evolved the clothing got more expensive but still only lasted 90 days with somethings like hair and eyes being permanent. Then they released 2x exp cards for $2-9 for 4 hours or a full day of it (at this time it took about 4-5 hours to level once so this was highly profitable). Also they released pets which seemed useless but they actually can auto loot for you (for a fee about $5-10 for the pet, and another $5-6 for the auto loot). The real kicker was the potential system release which allowed players to gamble their weapons to make them brokenly strong (15-21% stat weapons, 30% boss weapons, etc.) for $1.20 per cube or $3.10 for a premium cube to add a line and work better than the cheaper cube. They threw ton of useless stats in their and cause people to spend tons of money getting good gear. I mean even basic things like a place for players to trade and set up shop cost $2 for a 3 month permit and searching it is another .70 where in most games its free.

Obviously that's a bit different since its advertised as a free to play game and you can play totally free but its pretty bare bones now compared to when it released. CoD probably will never get this bad seeing as the game is $60 and the dlc is about $15 a piece or $120 total. And the fact that buying CoD DLC isn't a gamble that you can end up with nothing if you're unlucky. But if no one opposes it, and enough players support micro transactions, I would not be surprised if they started charging for basic things like attachments, weapons that should be starter weapons, or some way to make the gun stronger since you paid a ton of money "upgrading".
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User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#25
fatclemenza posted...
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Pretty darn confident..... I don't want to have to wait till the Microendony XBOXS 4ii comes out another 15 years later....
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