How does the board feel about shields?

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User Info: cooljamari1234

4 years ago#1
Tell me what YOU think about the shield.
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User Info: Nriepw

4 years ago#2
I love it but it is terrible.

User Info: Loshadt

4 years ago#3
Underpowered as a weapon, annoying as cover.
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User Info: thebest99

4 years ago#4
Good for sniping. Set the shield up and proceed to snipe.

Works one or two games in before the C4 starts flying over 2 buildings to take you out.

That's probably happening while you're sniping so works like one or two kills.
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User Info: Shaun3D

4 years ago#5
Seeing a dude slowly move towards me holding a shield kinda creeps me out for some reason. Usaly run like a little wussy lol

User Info: CammyApple

4 years ago#6
Wondering why they don't make the body armor out of what the shield is made of.
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User Info: TheRealJayveezy

4 years ago#7
I have it on the majority of my classes, and pretty much all of my SnD classes. It's pretty bad in this game though. The class I mainly run uses the shield, ballistic knives, a tomahawk and concussions, and the shield is pretty much used to get in closer to people safely. I've been using it since launch on a regular basis and I only actually have 400 some odd kills with it.
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User Info: SwagLiciousDude

4 years ago#8
They're too easy to flank. Sprint around them and shoot them while there turning around
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