Black Worm is gonna get an interview in oxm

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User Info: CaffeineSnorter

4 years ago#41
From: webbc99 | #038
lolcharizard posted...
Cadeler posted...
Kenhorou posted...
Can someone tell me how he plays in detail? It sounds like camping with a fancy name to it to me.

Riot Shield head glitch behind with 870. Claymore and trophy system with scavenge. Guardian and sentry gun. Build up score streaks and put two guardians and two sentry guns camping.

Just use engineer to find the shield, and stay away from the place where the shields at. Throw EMP grenades whenever he sets up equipment and get free points

Guess you didn't read the "trophy system" part.

Trophy system doesn't stop emps through the walls. I throw one on the bottom level where they have no chance of the TS stopping it and destroy every single thing. Or just throw it at the top level from outside and bounce it off the wall on the ledge.
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User Info: BS_Infinite

4 years ago#42
Magic_Bryan posted...
Youre starting to see them on PC too.

I love em, as I use EMP and Engineer on most classes for free streaks. EMP outside/on roof or similar) wait for camper to put spares down, do it again, then lob C4 in for kill. Free Low/mid streak for very little effort.

It sucks to know it has infected every platform
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  3. Black Worm is gonna get an interview in oxm

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