I don't get it. 50 no perk/attachment kills for Shotguns and Snipers, yet...

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  3. I don't get it. 50 no perk/attachment kills for Shotguns and Snipers, yet...

User Info: Seraph089

4 years ago#11
The 150 is pretty high for pistols (and the headshots are ridiculous), but they really aren't bad with no attachments.

But I'm glad it's only 50 for snipers. The default scopes have way too much zoom for most of the maps, I'm a miserable sniper without V. Zoom

User Info: Lerp85

4 years ago#12
The better question is why is it that the pistol challenge is on the same level as ARs or SMGs?
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User Info: JinKisaragi211

4 years ago#13
destructoclaus posted...
I guess the snipers and shotguns have only 50 kills because they're not the "best overall" primaries to use. Pistols should really have only 50 kills without them, too. 150 is ridiculous. Ironically, snipers and shotguns are the easiest weapons to use without attachments bar none. Honestly, attachments do not affect their performance very much at all.

Oh yeah? So you think it would be okay to have the M1216 need 150 kills with no attachment? That's not skillful, that would just be tedious and annoying.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#14
From: destructoclaus | Posted: 3/22/2013 11:25:56 AM | #010
Ironically, snipers and shotguns are the easiest weapons to use without attachments bar none.

o_0 did you forget the shotguns have the worse hipspread and osk range they've ever had in this game or that this game includes smgs?
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User Info: EvanW1109

4 years ago#15
They also missed the boat with 300 OSK with S12 and M1216. For the 870 and the KSG it makes perfect sense, but to cookie cutter their challenges with the other two which have such a drastic drop in OSK range is just lazy. It's doable, but a very drastic change.

That's what all these challenges are: laziness. Another perfect example is the Executioner having headshot requirements and not OSK, and the SVU having the same OSK requirement as the other sniper rifles but only having a similar OSK ability in Hardcore.

The challenges should be based on the weapon, not the weapon class.

The only weapon class they didn't mess up was the Launchers:
-The FHJ (clearly an anti-air weapon) has anti-air challenges except for the AGR kill.
-The RPG (clearly NOT meant for anti-air) has anti-personnel challenges except for one anti-air kill.
-The SMAW (which can be used for anti-air or anti-personnel) has anti-air challenges up to Kryptek, then anti-personnel challenges after that.

The Specials is arguable too but there is no way they could have made them the same as each other with three totally different weapons.

User Info: roach06

4 years ago#16
Because you can get more kills per-game with a pistol compared to a sniper or shotgun.

You run further/faster to get to the enemy...faster ADS, faster hip-fire from sprint, and better hipfire than snipers and ksg = more kills
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User Info: Milwaukee_Rush

4 years ago#17
TangoIX21 posted...
Pistols are excellent short to mid-range weapons as well as being a rapid fire weapon. A skilled pistol user can even out shoot a sniper (seen it happen and have had it happen to me). Having 150 kills required is no hard feat for them.

Shotguns are all short range weapons (with the exception of the KSG, which is better suited for mid-range). The necessity to get in close with them to make a kill means that it's going to be a bit harder to get those 50-100 kills (depending on whether or not you do one then the other or both at the same time). The pump action of 2 of the shotguns and the brief pause of another makes the quick kills just a bit harder.

Sniper Rifles are INTENDED as long-range weapons. They are never meant to be a quick-scope kill (despite how game mechanics work). They are based around the user being relatively stationary and homing in on his/her target to make the kill. 2 of the sniper rifles also use a bolt-action system that slows down shooting. If you play Core, then the other 2 need a bit more concentration to get the kill on the first shot (not Core haters please). Even on Hardcore, the bolt-action sniper rifles may not kill on the first hit depending on whether or not you had to shoot through something and where that bullet eventually hit.

Overall, I believe the kill requirements are appropriate for the weapon classes. Some of the other Camo requirements of certain weapons bother me though, but we aren't here to talk about that.

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  3. I don't get it. 50 no perk/attachment kills for Shotguns and Snipers, yet...

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