Class set setup suggestions

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User Info: dis666

4 years ago#1
So I had extra MS points and bought the extra class sets. Since you can only choose one set per game, I'm looking for suggestions on how to make each set unique, but stay in a relevant theme with the other sets. For example, if I make every class in set 1 an MP7 with different attachment setups and then make every class in set 2 a Type 25 with the same setups as the MP7s. Or if the perks were the same or whatever. How do you guys think I could utilize the extra sets to their maximum potential?

User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#2
From what I understand you only get one class set per map so I would not load up a set with the same gun. That's just me though. It's your boat do whatever the.**** you need to do to float it.

And since you didn't ask (yet). I'd have like a stealth set, rush set, objective set, etc.. All these might have the same perks just different weapons and attachments . Of course, you need on try hard layout per set, Just in case.
Learn to sense the sarcasm, bro.

User Info: Giglioroninom

4 years ago#3
Have them vary between the modes you feel like playing. I'd probs go with one HC specific and one not.

User Info: MexiRicanMoFo

4 years ago#4
Make class sets for different game modes or different playstyles. Like when Nuketown Demo comes up, your class set should have Flak Jacket on every class. I have a FFA class set with no ghost or silencers, no launchers, and little equipment. Always keep a few backup classes though. Just remember that once the match starts, you're stuck with that set. If someone is camping with a TF LMG putting up high streaks, 10 MP7 classes are gonna do you no good.

User Info: dis666

4 years ago#5
Ok cool, I usually play TDM so I didn't think to have some for different game modes. I always try to have at least one class for different situations in each set, just in case hang back instead of rush in. Its ridiculous how many different class combos you can come up with.
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