Your five top tips

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User Info: GnaTAcE

4 years ago#21
Do something about your connection. Only way you'll have fun. Get lag comp and you'll be able to run around corners like these guys say you shouldn't, but they do. Cause they suck.

And test your connection on xbox. Just do it.
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User Info: HydraRaptor

4 years ago#22
1. Don't sprint everywhere. Learn when it's important to sprint, and avoid sprint in enemy territory or building. If you can't figure it out quickly, try not sprinting unless you absolutely need to run away.

2. Use Toughness. Toughness reduces your flinch when you get shot, which is a huge problem in this game. If you can sneak around and get behind your enemies, or if you can down your opponents before they get a shot off, Toughness becomes unnecessary, but for newer/worse players, Toughness is very important.

3. Avoid long lines of sight. You can't get better if you're constantly getting sniped or killed by a Target Finder weapon. Stay out of those areas and your score will thank you.

4. Use a weapon that works for you. This is probably the most important tip. Knowing your gun automatically gives you an advantage over people who are not used to the weapon they're using. If you find a weapon that you like and do well with, practice with it and learn where it shines and where it fails. For more info on the weapon you like, check out the Black Ops 2 In-Depth videos by Drift0r on YouTube.

5. Know when and where to post up. I'm not telling you to camp, because no one likes a camper, but all good players know that constantly running around is not the smart way to play. Sometimes, it's smarter just to sit back and make sure no one is coming after you than it is to run into the fray without knowing. Find the good vantage points on each map and check them when you pass, but don't just sit there. Once you know where they are, it'll be easier to identify when an enemy is there and how you can pick him off, giving you a free kill.

Hope this helps you out a little.
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User Info: beerhammer1

4 years ago#23
Don't worry about your KD it's a useless stat- play to have fun!

User Info: emerica

4 years ago#24
I have really bad accuracy too (16% I think), but my KD is just under 2.0. I don't spray and pray with a laser sight either. I rush and attribute it to situational awareness more than anything. Study the maps, know the spawn points, stay away from teammates, use teammates on radar to get an indication of where to go and where to avoid. Get away from the point, shoot, kill mentality. Play the meta game, get inside the enemy's head.

User Info: gunho7

4 years ago#25
Figure out what's good on your own, never take class set up advice from supercool, don't be influenced by a guns stats.
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User Info: phil2726

4 years ago#26
Some great tips here, thanks to all. My aim is to get to I'd 1.00. I used the pdw and msmc first time round but this time I seem to have better luck with the mp7 although it doesn't seem to be rated that highly

User Info: DarkManX2004

4 years ago#27
Everyone goes on about the PDW and MCMS but personally I prefer the MP7. It's main drawback is possibly the low clip size but I use extended mags to negate that.

The irons are nice so there is no need for optics and it has a high RoF which is good for CQC.

My two main setups are:

Stock and Ex. Mags

Toughness and scavenger
Dexterity or ex. con

Greed 2 wild card


My second setup is the same except laser sight instead of stock, engineer and 2 EMPs.

EMPs are great to use as they have many uses. They destroy equipment, takes down enemies map, stops the use of kill streaks and (my favourite by the way) a detection device. Now you may ask how can it be a detection device? Throw one into a building you think may be hiding enemies, if you get a hit marker, you know someone is there. I always throw one into an area before moving a head to make sure it's clear. Also you get a lot of points from using EMPs for destroying equipment and assists.
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User Info: andrewk531

4 years ago#28
i only got one tip

Don't eat yellow snow
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