guys I went 2-18

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User Info: ReggieBush09

4 years ago#1
mostly on some BS getting spawned right behind enemies I just spawned so of course I run out to the open only to pass by someone camping.

then in this other lobby people started camping hardcore.

lol If you camp and kill me I still win.

take the skirt off ladies. you can have that win just know I owned you and made you cuddle up into a ball and camp for kills you didn't out play me you got scared and didn't want your precious K/d to sink under 1.00 camping after you were rushing means you have been over matched by my gun skill or searching for me isn't working because I'm constantly moving and have cost. camping after you been rushing is a sign that you have been defeated. I love watching kill cams where your in a corner and you point and shot. most hilarious thing to see in COD

Girl It's reggie bush 09 and I have a 0.53 K/D
you got the love that I want you got the love that I need.

User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#2
Girl, I know you want this d--
PhD in EMS at BGU: Ball Gamed University.

User Info: ReggieBush09

4 years ago#3
I'll show you how to do it son

black papers catch vapers.
you got the love that I want you got the love that I need.

User Info: JohnWall32

4 years ago#4
.53 k/ pathetic

User Info: JamaalCharles39

4 years ago#5
cmon man I had a 1.1 kd when I was in 5th grade...
Tony Gonzalez is the best tight end ever. Not Winslow SR., Gates,Gronk, or Mackey are even close to being as good as him.

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