i report every "mcdonalds" i'm lovin it emblem

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User Info: HeartlessCharms

4 years ago#31
HeyPeterMan posted...
guy's name is ThugLife and he's reporting emeblems! Is it just me or does that seem contradictory? I know, it's just a screen name, but you would think that when someone chooses that name, they want to give a certain impression. If you don't want to be considered gangsta, you should have chosen the name TheGoodLife or something. Sorry man, I do agree with you on the stupid emblems, and I do report lots of them, but how thug can you be? It's like the guy I played the other night named IMBETTERTHANU or something really close to that. His ratio was under .5. It's like XxQU1KSK0P3xX not being able to snipe..... it's just silly.

Plus, you threw out a 'u mad bro' .... that's just as played as the McD spread emblem!

You clearly dont know what it actually means.
All I have in life is my new appetite for failure.

User Info: Lerp85

4 years ago#32
TC is a hypocrite.

My youtube. I just started it, but am making gameplay vids. Nothing special. Check it out.

User Info: timilayas99

4 years ago#33
TC didn't choose the Thug Life, the Thug Life chose him.
Go away.

User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#34
shadowsofdawn posted...
TC is quite mad.
\o/ Administering jolly ass-whoopings everyday.

User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#35
every time i see him post with that name makes me laugh

that sig just adds to it
Victory is my destiny.
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User Info: runaway0417

4 years ago#36
My emblems are by far the best here
I have 3 that i use
One is all text, it says in bright Pink, "Trees Hate You"
Another is circled with Scavenger Birds, and says, "Go drown in a Birdbath"
And my last one is a Square that says "Potato"

This Is GameFAQs. Where You Ask A Simple, Honest Question and get Ambushed by Trolls.
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User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#37
TC is a 2pac groupie
.:The Elite Connection:.

User Info: aheroafake

4 years ago#38
ThugLife247 posted...
Lerp85 posted...
So what you are saying is you falsely report peoples emblems? Ok, good for you I guess.

What is your emblem, if ya don't mind sharing.

it's actually offensive

it's the mcdonalds logo made to look like a chick in heels spreading her legs with "i'm lovin it" on the bottom. yellow letters / shapes, red background

and my emblem is the golden state logo

Yeah because I totally haven't seen your emblem 20 million times from other gamers.</sarcasm>
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User Info: DepreceV2

4 years ago#39
Alexanaxela posted...
lol that offense'd you?

offense'd you? lol wut?
This is a message board. I don't care about my spelling or grammar on GFaqs. You don't like my grammar mistakes? Get over it.
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