Your Most Used Gun says more about you than your K/D,W/L,SPM, etc.

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  3. Your Most Used Gun says more about you than your K/D,W/L,SPM, etc.

User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#31
Learn to sense the sarcasm, bro.

User Info: Majora1988

4 years ago#32
Type 25 then AN-94 then B23.

So my 1.78 k/d 385 SPM playing K/C primarily is good now, apparently. It's average at best..



Apparantly I lied, the AN-94 just past up the Type 25 just barely, so never mind I'm bad again. And my third best gun is actually the R-870.

Double yay.
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4 years ago#33
KSG by a longshot

User Info: joker316

4 years ago#34
1. B23R
Ultimate Tomahawk Payback
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User Info: darkhouse999

4 years ago#35
In order


User Info: xKYSx

4 years ago#36
wow I must be a hipster then since my #1 gun is the vector.

damn I'm even on gamefaqs and talking about it clearly fits my description thanks TC!!!
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User Info: Loshadt

4 years ago#37

What do I win?
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#38
dario1101 posted...
AaronHutch posted...
dario1101 posted...
patkelly929 posted...

Ninja me? Son of a gun.

So my Tac-45 with 4800 kills and my 1.1 K/D and 400 SPM with 68% W/L?
Okay ._.

yes youre still more skilled than 75% of the community. if you used normal guns instead of pistols your other stats would be much higher

Honestly, I can barley use and SMG and camp with a laser and target finder. I have to stay moving, which is why pistols accomidate my playstyle.
And the Tac. 45 is sexy in Diamond :D

I haven't played as much as you, that's for sure. I came late to the party, didn't get the game until after Christmas. 1600 kills, something like that. Haven't gotten any of the weapon classes Diamond. I can't sit still either. .99 K/D, 44% W/L (usually play solo), 360 SPM. I can SMG and AR no problem. Just love the Tac the best. Favorite Weapon in the game.
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User Info: CinderDragon77

4 years ago#39
4000+kills with the M1216, now 500+ kills ahead of the Remmy. Yeah the Remmy definitely isn't good by any means in my experience with it tbh. My K/D with the M1216 is only .05 behind it as of now.
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User Info: Mitchach0

4 years ago#40
The Executioner by a fair margin (closer to triple than double). Does that say that I'm skilled or just plain stupid? ;)
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  3. Your Most Used Gun says more about you than your K/D,W/L,SPM, etc.

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