Why is it hard for people to admit other players/teams are simply better?

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  3. Why is it hard for people to admit other players/teams are simply better?
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User Info: nath999

4 years ago#22
People refuse to admit they're bad. They'll always blame it on lag or hit detection or some other stupid excuse.
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User Info: WhooKilledKenny

4 years ago#23
I should have specified it can be on game to game basis. An individual may be better for a game to game basis. You can't win every gun fight.

User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#24
I have no problem when I am beaten by another player. They beat me, and that's all there is to it.

The only time it's BS is when I watch the kill cam and I'm frozen in place.

I have a problem when I am beaten by the game. By that, I mean when I kill a guy, and he spawns right behind me. Or when I die, I respawn in front of a guy that an enemy is shooting. Or when I respawn and throw my care package, the enemy team immediately spawns on me (see their death in the kill cam, then mine).
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4 years ago#25
WhooKilledKenny posted...
Sure the game has things like Internet speeds that make a difference but to blame every death or mistake on something within the game is unrealistic. Sometimes the team or individual is simply better than you, It wasn't lag, aimbot, or hacks. You sometimes are simply inferior to the opponent in aim, movement, tactics, etc. Unless you are a professional level playing for money, no reason exists to get so worked up.

lol i know exactly what you mean,

usually when i die i get picked off cos i ran round the corner like an absolute tool, OR i do something really noobish i.e

there's an enemy **changes weapon by accident** =DEATH

theres an enemy **randomly decides to throw flash instead of shooting** = DEATH

shoots an enemy, randomly stops shooting as thinks enemy is dead **enemy turns around and stabs me in the face** = DEATH

theres an enemy ** fires weapon CLICK forgot to reload** = DEATH

The car is on fire, I can make it, BOOOOM **car blows up** = DEATH

User Info: FederalLackey

4 years ago#26
To an extent this sort of behavior is seen in every game, but there are a lot of BS moments in this game. When the game is lagging terribly it can be tough to tell if you earned that death or not when the bullets whiz around corners, or if you see that you didn't even fire on the killcam when you emptied 1/4th of a clip into the other guy. Maybe you would have lost anyway, maybe the other guy is better than you. I try to blame myself before the game, because it's easier to spot your mistakes that way. You can believe whatever you want but the problem is you don't actually know sometimes, that's what's frustrating.

User Info: nintendomap

4 years ago#27
because its cod and alot of bull happens, mostly because of the connections(dying after you hit the corner, ppl seeing you and you not seeing them,etc.)
you dont really hear complaints in bf3...like these anyway

User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#28
zxrax_alt_1 posted...
Because a lot of the time it's not true.

I'll admit when I've been outplayed or outshot, but it seems like more often than not I died because I got shot around the corner or didn't have enough time to react at all (i.e. <300ms between seeing the opponent and dying to him)
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User Info: maxthef1asher

4 years ago#29
Because they suck

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User Info: dengeist

4 years ago#30
I have no problem admitting someone is better than me. I don't quit after being beaten either. I like to go into theater mode a day or so later and watch from their perspective. A lot of times I see that they just were in the right place at the right time, had good aim, knew where to wait, etc.

Many times I see, that yes they really were that good and there wasn't anything special in what they did. But what I also see after playing a few games with them, more often than not, they are much better on some maps than others.

I want to know what they did that made them so good, and usually it's minor things and luck.
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  3. Why is it hard for people to admit other players/teams are simply better?

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