Should I even bother getting a new router?

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User Info: EvanVanVan

4 years ago#11
rock1644 posted...
So I currently have this Netgear router.

We bought it three years ago, and it seemed alright at first. Lately I have had trouble getting the thing to keep giving me Open NAT. I disabled UPnP, forwarded all the ports my Xbox needs, and even gave the system a Static IP address, and I still get Moderate NAT all the time. I reset the router, and it still does it.

I am convinced that my router is what is giving me so much trouble with this game. I'm almost always 1-2 seconds behind everyone, and it only gets worse when I'm host. Lately I can no longer see the people who are shooting me.

My router also does not have QOS, would that have something to do with it? When I try to download something via Steam, it uses all the bandwidth and I get 1-bars in COD. Our Vonage phone service does not work during this, either.

I have been told to get this Asus router.

Anyone have any experience with that router? It would be nice if this game actually worked for me.

I also use Comcast for my internet. I don't know if that has anything to do with my issues with COD.

Hey, just wondering did you try enabling UPnP and deleting/closing any open ports you set for the 360? I had disabled UPnP and manually opened ports for the 360 and was also having troubling getting and keeping an Open NAT.

Last week I re-enabled UPnP and deleted the specific port forwarding rules for the 360 (I don't think UPnP was working correctly when open ports I set were conflicting with it) and now I've had no problem and have an Open NAT every time I play. I do have a FiOS ActionTec router though.

User Info: WhooKilledKenny

4 years ago#12
No reason to pay crazy amounts for faster Internet be it actual hardware or internet speed.. Connection doesn't play that big of a role. It's in people's head. And plus paying extra money when you aren't a pro seems kind of silly. If you plan on going mlg by all means get the bast and fastest equipment possible because some tournaments are held online.

User Info: PDXRoverMech

4 years ago#13
i have comcast and when i bought a new modem, rather than continuing to rent theirs, my internet speed doubled.

User Info: Error_IDELG

4 years ago#14
From: SevenDayCandle | #002

Get FiOS. I did...

Was on the 25/10 plan or whatever with Comcast.
Now on the 75/35 plan with FiOs and it's usually a bit above those speeds (wired).

Switched from $240 a month Comcast bill with the triple play package. To $138 a month with FiOS. With better Internet, more TV channels, more on demand channels, and even got the Premium Package with HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Encore, etc thrown in for free...

The router/modem is an all in 1 unit provided by them. I'm getting speeds of 61/30 or so wirelessly on my laptop, wired its about 80-85/40-42 Mbps.

Also ridiculously low ping times... If it doesn't help you with COD, it'll help your wallet at least. Pay less, get more...

you realize fios isnt available everywhere right
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