What do you name your classes?

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  3. What do you name your classes?

User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#1
I need some ideas to steal.

User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#2
custom class 1-10
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User Info: MaDHat

4 years ago#3
Movie characters, normally.

LMG class would be Rambo
Sniper would be Leon
Smoke/MMS would be Batman

just dumb stuff like that.

User Info: Knightmare1128

4 years ago#4
Class 1: You
Class 2: Just
Class 3: Lost
Class 4: The
Class 5: The Game.

or on other occasions

Class 1: Never
Class 2: Gonna
Class 3: Give
Class 4: You
Class 5: Up
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User Info: boogerwooger_2

4 years ago#5
EGGFART is my AN-94 class because I can clear an entire room with it.
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User Info: ThugLife247

4 years ago#6
name them by the primary weapon unless i have two of the same primary weapons, where then i'll do something like "MP7 Silenced" or "MP7 Tryhard"
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User Info: Edavy89

4 years ago#7
BipBapBam posted...
custom class 1-10

User Info: JSpilla

4 years ago#8
BipBapBam posted...
custom class 1-10

this, but i have two 7s, I think, because I wanted the same gun & perks but with different attachments and didn't care to change it.

User Info: BBA322

4 years ago#9
M8 class- Checkmate
Mainly because it was the first range-capable weapon I did well with. Felt like it was game over for the enemy whenever I had a need to put it on :0
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User Info: StigmaStyle

4 years ago#10
Pew - Assault Rifle Class
Whoosh - SMG Class
Obama - LMG Class(Because it goes Barracka Barracka Barracka)
Boof - Shotgun Class
Snipping - Sniping Class
MLG - Empty Class
Pistols - Pistol Class (Used to be Doolee Guns, but I don't use Dual Wield any more. =p)
Hardcore - Hardcore Class
Objective - Objective Class
??? - If I only need like, one challenge, or I'm going for no perks+no attachments or something, I'll just put the weapon on this class and get whatever I need, then switch back.
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  3. What do you name your classes?

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