ITT: Assault Shield classes.

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User Info: DarkkisBO

4 years ago#1
I want to start using Assault Shield. Picked it up a couple of times and playing with shield is just fun! Made an Assault Shield class in Local just to test it:

Assault Shield (I know, Assault Shield on Assault Shield class?? What is this madness)

Lightweight, Flak Jacket (Lightweight for faster moving, FJ is pretty much a must-have perk to not die when running over a Betty, getting a Crossbow bolt on your shield or surviving grenades thrown by enemies)
Scavenger, Fast Hands (Scavenger for infinite concussions, Fast Hands for quick lethal/tactical using because you're vulnerable when you use them)
Concussion x2 (To make meleeing easier)
C4 (used to be Combat Axe but noticed C4 works a lot better. Facing many enemies at the same time is no longer a pain.)

I was wondering if there is a better Assault Shield class, and just wanted to create a topic where you can share your shield classes. (and I can steal your awesome classes, lol)
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User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#2
MK48 - variable zoom + suppressor (or target finder + stock)
Assault shield

Flak Jacket/Hardline
Tactical mask

Perk 1 greed

I use hardline for fun, but you can use that slot for anything you want. I find equipment to be useless, so I just use whatever perk I want. This setup is most effective on domination. Plant your shield somewhere near B flag and profit. Works especially well on Hydro.

Assault shield
B23R - extended mag

Flak jacket
Scavenger + Fast hands
Tactical mask

Concussion grenade
Perk 2 greed

You can dominate games and call in swarms with this class. No excuses.
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User Info: Mitchach0

4 years ago#3
The last class mentioned in the post above is the most balanced assault shield class you can get IMO. The pistol and attachment are interchangeable, as is the lethal. I prefer Dual Wield Executioner with Combat Axe.

Alternatively, you could swap Tac Mask for Engineer and run EMP grenades instead, but it pays to have something to stop the enemy in their tracks before they try to charge at or around you.
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User Info: DarkkisBO

4 years ago#4
Going to use that one then, I guess I could change one Concussion and Lightweight to Tactical Mask and a pistol with an attachment.

Also, a nice tip for getting kills with the shield which I found on Youtube: Run Guardian as one of your killstreaks. You can easily get melee kills with shield as an enemy is being suppressed by Guardian.
PSN: DarkkisPr0 <--- If you add me tell me you're from Gfaqs

User Info: Rameldor

4 years ago#5
My buddy does that when I put up a guardian. Far as a shielding class it depends how you want to use the shield. If you want to run and around and get frustrated then do not plant it and camp someplace. If ya wanna troll folks. Load overkill with shield in primary, mk48 red dot, tact mask, flak jacket, scavenger, 2 shocks and a claymore. Plant yourself somewhere you can bottleneck them and watch as the whole team tries to kill the shield idiot.

User Info: parkbench

4 years ago#6
Perk 1 Greed - Flak Jacket / Ghost
Perk 2 Greed - Scavenger / Fast Hands
Tactical Mask

Emp Grenade

So many weapons on the ground with multiple attachments, why waste it on a weapon.

Pretty unstoppable combination.
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