Scorestreak you hate the most and why.

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  3. Scorestreak you hate the most and why.

User Info: I_Got_Rhythm

4 years ago#1
I hate the K9 Unit the most because I am forced to either kill dogs or watch dogs be killed.

I also have two 9-month old East German Shepherds that look extremely similar.

I hate that scorestreak.


Your turn.
GT: Isorhythmic

User Info: timilayas99

4 years ago#2
Hunter Killer Drone. Because it gives you a free kill.
Go away.

User Info: SevenDayCandle

4 years ago#3
Lightning Strike and Hunter Killer Drone.


I'm usually dead before the announcer says anything and before I even hear the 'incoming' sound of the HKD.

User Info: cloud_hopper

4 years ago#4
Hunter kill drone, flack jacket or not that thing is coming for my head every time, even though enemies don't really earn killstreaks off me.
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User Info: ShinRaKnight

4 years ago#5
care package. easy to get and it can be a game changer.
GT- Abyssal Shift

User Info: DarkkisBO

4 years ago#6
Making a top 5 hated scorestreak list for fun:

5. Swarm. Hate it when enemy has it, but it's fine when my team has it, lol
4. VSAT. The same as Swarm, when enemy has it, I know I'm going to lose 90% of my gunfights. (I lose them anyways because of lag & I seem to have some trouble spotting enemies, sometimes I just run past an enemy without noticing him :D)
3. Lightning Strike because of the announcer issues & I seem to be a Lightning Strike magnet.
2. Care Package. When I run it, I get UAVs and other useless (don't get me wrong, UAVs are useful, but compared to other killstreaks it's not top tier) stuff. When enemies run it, they get cool killstreaks like VSAT or Swarm. When I finally get VSAT, my CP gets stoled...
1. Hunter Killer. I swear, 90% of them always get me in a middle of my killstreak..... And I don't have Flak Jacket yet. (I'm noob, I have a laggy internet + I have to play split-screen with my brother = first prestige lvl28 :/)
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User Info: Vrresto

4 years ago#7
Hunter Killer and Lightning Strike. Both are very difficult to avoid and flak jacket doesn't protect against either.

User Info: I_Got_Rhythm

4 years ago#8
Recently I've begun treating the appearance of HKDs on map as a mini-game of dodge-ball and it seems to reduce my stress level.
GT: Isorhythmic

User Info: Edavy89

4 years ago#9
Swarm/vsat/lodestar, and SOMETIMES k9's.

All the killstreaks that make half of a team quit when they are called. Seriously....

"enemy lodestar in bound"
*player left lobby*
*player left lobby*
*player left lobby* IT!

User Info: txrdriftking

4 years ago#10
UAV. Why? More populous than Beijing, China.
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