With the newest patch, the metagame has shifted. ARs are in, SMGs are out...

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  3. With the newest patch, the metagame has shifted. ARs are in, SMGs are out...

User Info: Lannekir

4 years ago#1
...And as a primarily SMG user, I hate it. The maps just don't cater to ARs like SMGs do IMO. Now Treyarch feels the need to nerf SMGs to hell and continuously buff AR's. In MW3 there was a balanced mix of AR and SMG users--neither weapon class was the best. I don't understand why that can't be the case in this game. Feel free to discuss your opinion.
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User Info: NotoriousIy

4 years ago#2
I want my MW2 weapon balance back, plz.


User Info: gameflak

4 years ago#3
I'm primarily an AR user, so meh.
My third most deadly weapon is the MSMC, but the top two are ARs.
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User Info: Timmotheuss

4 years ago#4
MSMC is completely usable still and competes well with the ARs thankfully. My favorite weapon is the MTAR but the maneuverability with the MSMC and the fact that its not too inaccurate still is the key points for me. PDW? Forgot about it, I can't stand that thing now.
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User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#5
Skorpion and msmc are still quite good.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#6
"my pdw got recoil now, smgs r now worthless :("
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User Info: _Aisu_

4 years ago#7
Chicom CQB master race reporting, not having any problems at all.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#8
Actually SMG is still pretty decent.

You still have a good balance of decent smg and ar.
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User Info: Baseballtitan

4 years ago#9
supercoolisaac posted...
Skorpion and msmc are still quite good.

Vector is still good too imo.
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User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#10
They're pretty even with a slight lean to ARs. MSMC is pretty unchanged, Skorpion is still close quarters king.
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  3. With the newest patch, the metagame has shifted. ARs are in, SMGs are out...

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