Anyone want to play some league?

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User Info: CanadianScopez

4 years ago#31
iCheckz posted...
CanadianScopez posted...
iCheckz posted...
CanadianScopez posted...
why would you post on gamefaqs if you are looking for good players? everyone who is a good player is already on your friendlist (especially steven the show). There is nothing worse than having terribads like sevendaycandle, nuhlified, and johneywestside on your friendlists. They're a bunch of failjacks.

Lmao at this fangirl thinking they are good when they cant take a simple sentry gun out....bad kids will be bad doe

ROFL what a BK. Post a pic of your elite stats big boy.

Until then you're just another jealous hater.

Lmao let me guess you have a borderline 2.0 kd with a s***** win/loss on top of that who is probably used to getting carried by other players and think you are me you are just isaacs lackey

Yep you caught me, I'm terribad just like you.
Canada > US
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User Info: angrybirdsdude

4 years ago#32
zxrax_alt_1 posted...
From: supercoolisaac | #025
man, when i'm topping the team with a game like that you know my team sucked haha.

just the pic I expected ;)
spread the <3
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