Popular things you never use, for whatever reason...

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User Info: donsparks

4 years ago#1
1.Ghost- honestly don't know if is as popular as use to be.I was the Cold-Blooded king in Mw2, had it on almost every class.In Bo1 I used Ghost alot too. In Mw3 I didn't use Assassin at all, simply because I felt it was cheap to use.In Bo2, after getting to level 55 without it, I felt I didn't need it surprisingly.

2.Flak jacket- I rather use Engineer to see betties and claymores.I don't die enough from grenades and semtex to warrant the use.

3.Sub Machine Guns- every kill that I have with SMGs comes from me running out of ammo, and picking up one from off the ground.I sometimes get killed by one, and because the user may have some sort of optic, I don't even know which gun he/she was using.Since everyone says SMGs dominate, I try my best to prove the community wrong. It doesn't always work out though.

4.Target Finders-I gotta challenge myself, I can't do that with this attachment.

To a lesser extent:
shock charges
dead silence/awareness
hardwired (lol)

if they removed all of these things, it wouldn't effect my playstyle.

User Info: L4DMalus

4 years ago#2
PDW-57: used it a couple of times after release, then went to the MP7 and Skorpion EVO and fell in love. I haven't touched another SMG since, I even feel like the MP7 outclasses the MSMC.

Blind Eye: I have it on one class, my Sniper. But I would still rather use Hardline or maybe even Lightweight since I don't see enough Hunter Killer spam to warrant constant use.
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User Info: roach06

4 years ago#3
Ghost - Not worth it

2 - Any equipnment...i think i have maybe 150 total uses of any equipment...never used c4, frag nade, flash, betty, blackhat even once.
GT: Roach4488

User Info: tactikz4

4 years ago#4
If you don't use Flak Jacket it means you don't play objective modes.
PSN/Battlelog: tactikz4
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User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
4 years ago#5
Did this for three CoD games and now I just don't care anymore. I'd rather enjoy the game I paid money for than restrict myself from using things because people I'll never meet again won't like me for it.
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User Info: WOT BS

4 years ago#6
msmc. times when i tried it i must have been lagging pretty bad, that thing is monstrous.
GT: Extract Hz

User Info: Purely_Luck

4 years ago#7
i use the things that are good in this game to my advantage, i don't care what people think. I use Dual Band and Tf lmgs, subs, camp, shotguns, the only thing i rage at is when i get bad teams in league
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User Info: Hagan

4 years ago#8
I use flak jacket toughness and tac mask on every class then i prek greed lightweight,hardline, or engineer
XBL GT= illidan z

User Info: AaronHutch

4 years ago#9
i barely use the FAL OSW
W@W was awesome for gun diversity. You saw the MP40, the MP40, and the MP40. - Gritzblitz56

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#10
Shock charges. I just find them more awkward to use than concussions.
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