What classes do you use for CTF, and pointers on mine?

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  3. What classes do you use for CTF, and pointers on mine?

User Info: EmperorCarnate

4 years ago#1
For actually capping flags I use an Assualt shield and KAP 40, put on light weight, scav to restock my non lethals, and extreme conditioning.

If I'm defending the flag I use a Scar with fast mags, and red dot, I use executioner for secondary. Put on Flak Jacket, Tac Mask, and extreme conditioning so I can get in a position to kill someone who has gotten away with the flag.
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User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#2
I have two specific classes for CTF. One for defending and one for flag running.

Defending class has:
SCAR-H, Stock, Quickdraw
Flak Jacket, Toughness, Tac Mask + Dexterity (perk 3 greed)
C4 + Trophy System

I put the trophy system just out of sight but near the flag, so it stops any grenades going into the flag spot, which is fairly common. I have a C4 on the flag. I run around the flag area and just pop people that come in. As soon as I see the flag is taken I will blow the C4, or if the C4 gets destroyed, then I know they're about to take it.

Flag running:
PDW, Stock, Quickdraw
Lightweight + Flak Jacket (Perk 1 Greed), Toughness, Dexterity + Extreme Conditioning (Perk 3 greed)

Very bare bones class, but it can cover a large distance very quickly and you move at 100% speed while ADS. Basically the ultimate run and gun. I use the PDW because of the larger mag size - at the speed you're moving, sometimes reloading is too risky, and I don't have a spare perk for fast mags.

Sometimes I will take off Flak Jacket (heresy!) and put on a Smoke Grenade and a C4 instead. Have experimented with Smokes + Scavenger + MMS as well, works very well but at the cost of a lot of speed based perks.
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User Info: flamepelt

4 years ago#3
SMG-I prefer MP7

Lightweight+flak jacket

Extreme conditioning+tac mask

Tac insert
Two points left over for a secondary, attachments or whatever you fell like.

You run faster longer grenades an stuns don't slow you down SMG has a bit more range than a shotty and lets you run pretty fast. Tac insert near the flag to he there a bit faster too.
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  3. What classes do you use for CTF, and pointers on mine?

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