C/D: Black Ops 1 was the most boring CoD

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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#51
arena11 posted...

That's still no reason to use it.

I wrote in comparison to what you proposed, can't say that I was a fan of it or Rolling Thunder (takes the BB spot and I preferred the lower killstreaks anyway) either

The napalm was widely considered better than the Mortar team, due to it being completely useless without radar assistance and costed one kill less.

Both were fairly bad against people who knew what they were doing.

Most people ran either the radar set up or the chopper gunner/dogs setup and for good reason.

I assume that by most people you mean the posters on the board since 90% of the community wasn't good enough to get the BB/CG/Dogs chain and would have been better off selecting no killstreaks at all.

The sam turret was pretty much useless compared to the counter spy plane.

Both had their uses, a well placed SAM Turret could be a real pain when it is shooting down your spy planes.

The sentry gun was all but useless, and most people resorted to running it themselves and having the enemy stealing it to get ghost pro.

It was a fairly mixed bag, sometimes a well placed one could rack up decent kills. The main problem was its weakness against Ghost Pro.

The rolling thunder forces one to give up the blackbird for it, which let me ask you this, is it a fair trade off?

Concurred, the BB should have been against the Chopper Gunner.

The attack helicopter might as been useless due to everyone carrying strela-3s or camping in buildings.

When I used it, it got surprisingly many kills, people didn't shoot it down as often as the CG was shot down (any CG called in against me usually fell down from the sky in the time it takes for two Strela's to hit their target).
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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#52
Keyblade9000 posted...

The FAMAS outclassing every other weapon

Shotguns, the Skorpion RF, MP5 RF, AK74U RF and G11all beat it in TTK. Then you also had the Stoner63, M60 and the snipers which challenged it at long range.

Needing ghost pro to stay hidden from enemy air craft. (in MW2, cold blooded STARTS with the ability to protect yourself from aircraft)

Otherwise I wouldn't care, however the BO CG is too good on a good connection so I concur with the this. Shooting down a CG without Ghost Pro is annoying.

Ghost being the most dominant perk since it had no real competition

Um, look below

Flak Jacket campers

So Ghost had some competition after all...


Exactly how bad were you to have a problem with second chance? It was a crappy perk to begin with. I played hundreds of hours of Black Ops on a crappy connection using weapons like the Mac-11, PM63 and Uzi and I didn't complain about it, despite that it is much more detrimental against those weapons. Also shotguns.

Ghost campers

Annoying, but they were vulnerable to grenades.

Poor hit detection

Seen the videos but thankfully it did not happen to during 300 hours.


Nowhere close to the lag in BOII or WaW. Seemed on par to CoD4 for me.
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....

User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#53
arena11 posted...
Astro_B0mb posted...
arena11 posted...
I_Got_Rhythm posted...
Black Ops 1 was awesome, I don't really understand how someone could say it was an unbalanced game, easily my favorite since CoD4.

Unbalanced perks and weapons. The killstreaks were grossly unbalanced as well, something Treyarch got wrong twice.

Define unbalanced killstreaks.

Why would anyone use the mortar team or attack helicopter or even the rolling thunder over the blackbird, chopper gunner, or dogs? The humble spy plane was often better than the three I mentioned first.

Youre acting like mw2, mw3, and blops2 dont have outclassed killstreaks.
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User Info: dawnset

4 years ago#54
D. You don't want to know what's my least favorite COD lest the fanboys here rip me apart lol
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It was the most boring. The abundance of Ghost users made it very popular to camp. That being said, I found it to be the easiest COD to get the high killstreaks in. That's been the only game where I could consistently get the highest killstreaks in the game.

Even though I really, really, really liked World at War, I'd say the large maps made that game boring at times too, especially if people started leaving the game and nobody else got thrown in. Still my favorite game of the series though.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#56
D (console/PC) and C (DS).

Console/PC version: I enjoyed it's campaign, except for a few missions like mission #4 (and unlike the MW games, I actually remember the story of BO1's campaign). And zombies was fun in Black Ops 1. As for multiplayer, well I liked it there are some things I didn't like about the multiplayer and one of them are the pro perk challenges. I don't mind the CoD Point system. Anyways, Black Ops (console version) is my 3rd favorite CoD game.

Nintendo DS version: I hate Black Ops DS. It is one of my least favorite CoD games, along with Black Ops: Declassified. I haven't played much in the campaign as I didn't like the control scheme. I haven't tried multiplayer and I only have tried zombies once.
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lol they put the COD games on the DS too? Never even knew that
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User Info: ZuuF

4 years ago#58

While the campaign may have been more scripted than other campaigns, at least it does "linear corridor shooter" correctly (with a good story to go with it; you might have played as Mason, but the story was about Reznov).
The weapons are balanced pretty darn well (all SMGs other than the MP5k and AK74u were in between shotgun-and-other-two-SMG range; the Scorpion is a really good gun, the FAMAS was just overused, as there are plenty of better/equal guns; the Stoner was 1337, and the M60 was, and always will be, the best gun in every game that has it).
The map design was really good, excluding Nuketown, Summit (only because of its spawns...), Firing Range (it needed to be larger; even if they kept every the same, just increased the ration/size of everything by about 1.2x), Hanoi, Hazard (Cliffside wasn't that great...but the textures are better than Hazard), and the DLC map that was Area 51 (it's not called Hangar...but I do not remember its name). Silo was one of the best maps in any CoD, as was Zoo, Discovery (could have used a few better spawns), the Russian town DLC map with the doors that open and close, Hotel, and every other map that wasn't listed in the bad-map category.
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User Info: Asylum_71

4 years ago#59

Best maps in any cod. Primaries were all viable (...not counting uzi or pm63) and secondaries weren't stupidly overpowered (*cough* bo2 pistols..).
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User Info: Asylum_71

4 years ago#60
Halo_Forever posted...


Exactly how bad were you to have a problem with second chance? I

Agreed with you until this. Are you joking or working for Treyarch? Second chance was the most broken thing in Black Ops. Do you know how many times second chance users would go into second chance but have actually killed you with their PRIMARY? That was a glitch that was never fixed. The fact that you shot someone and put them into second chance meant that without the perk, they would've died.. so how can he have killed you with his famas yet be in second chance (when no one else is there to have shot at either of you)? With the 'laws' of the game, that shouldn't be possible. Also, second chance users were given invincibility frames.. You're telling me that you never crossed a second chance user up close and downed him, only to shoot at him (while he's still falling) and get knifed by him as he's falling down..? Why make someone who is terrible enough to use second chance become invincible AND still be able to kill people during this frame?

just stop.
if activision were a physical entity, i'd wrap my hands around its neck and have an orgasm as i feel its pulse slow down" - mega boie715
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