So I turned aim assist off

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User Info: thebest99

4 years ago#1
I did pretty good after 1 or 2 matches. I'm amazed on how much aim assist is in this game because it was very difficult to play and I had to play very carefully but I managed to get a bunch of headshots.

I've also felt that aim assist has been on cocaine because if there's more than 2 enemies I can't hit a single person without my aim being dragged around like crazy. I don't remember this at launch but perhaps there was a tweak in aim assist?

I dunno but seeing as I played like **** tonight I decided to go in the deep end and just **** on myself while I was being treated like a human toilet.
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User Info: Lerthyr

4 years ago#2
Aim assist works through walls in this game too :)
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User Info: DrkeX

4 years ago#3
I'm used to games like battlefield having no aim assists.

User Info: Dark_Link72

4 years ago#4
Aim-assist in this game is not auto-aim, it is more closely "sticky aim."

All it does, technically, is lower your sensitivity when your crosshairs are near an enemy.

For low to mid-ranged sensitivity users this is useful, yes, but for high-sensitivity users it can be a rather large nuisance since the gradient of pressure needed to move the crosshairs equivalent distances with sticky-aim on and off is rather huge.

I hope people realize aim-assist exists beyond the toggle-able "aim-assist" option.

It is prevalent within CoD (and all shooters) even in peripheral platforms without the option, such as PC.
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User Info: Mosgus

4 years ago#5
I get that people don't like aim assist because it messes them up sometimes. I have that too every once in a while. It still helps me noticeably more than not though.

I'll tell you what it DOESN'T help though. Running headfirst into an enemy in a tight area. All you do at that point is play the aim assist tango roulette and hope it drags you towards the way he ran and not straight up at the ceiling or down at the floor.

User Info: dengeist

4 years ago#6
I tried this a month or two ago. You're right in what it does and like the other poster said you can also get hits and kills through walls with it and I don't mean by shooting through walls either. If you turn it off you'll know what I'm talking about. What I'm starting think is when people complain about getting shot behind walls it's not lag, it's aim assist.

I don't know why it's like it's more pronounced now, but you're right it is. Usually most gun fights where someone runs past the guy you're shooting, you're screwed because it will confuse the aim assist. That split second it takes to adjust usually costs you. If you take it off you're screwed because most people play with it on, so they have auto lock and you don't. Also if you know what to look for you can tell when someone is coming your way because your crosshairs pull in that direction before you even see them.

I think it's funny people complain about target finder, but aim assist is almost as bad, if you know what to look for. If you turn it off for a while, you'll know what to look for.

User Info: ronXwhite

4 years ago#7
This thread is hilarious because you can't turn aim assist off in this game. The feature you can turn on or off in the options is for single player/zombies.

Them placebos.
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User Info: Hagan

4 years ago#8
ronXwhite posted...
This thread is hilarious because you can't turn aim assist off in this game. The feature you can turn on or off in the options is for single player/zombies.

Them placebos.

This, and to the guy that said aim assist doesn't exist in battlefield lol aim assist exists in all console shooters, and yes that includes halo.
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User Info: dengeist

4 years ago#9
Lol whut? You can't turn off aim assist? When it clearly can be turned off from options? The op is clearly talking about what happens when you do that. And yes aim assist is much more pronounced in cod than it is in battlefield.

User Info: werkz_destroyz

4 years ago#10
Lol u cant turn aim assist off in multiplayer..pass that joint lol
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