Tac .45 vs Five-seveN

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User Info: DirrtyRockstarr

4 years ago#21
Both are solid pistols, but I gotta go with the Five-seveN.

The higher fire rate and mag size does it for me.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#23
Five-seven. I haven't tried out the Tac .45 yet but I have used other handguns.
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User Info: cloud_hopper

4 years ago#25
Five-seven with long barrel and a good trigger finger out shoots people all day.. I prefer it to the FAL lol
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User Info: InjusticeReborn

4 years ago#26
I voted Five-Seven, only because it is the only one I've been using so far. I will move onto the Tac .45 when I'm finished with the unlocks with the first pistol.

User Info: mickylovefist

4 years ago#27
I've got the pistols diamond and for me it's the Tac45 because of the higher damage. Executioner is the best overall tho. :P
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#28
Tac .45 for me. It feels the most like the Black Ops M1911, and I was a monster with that gun.

Give me a suppressor and an Extended Mag, or even just the suppressor, and I'm golden.
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